[Video] How to Charge Your Smartphone with Fire

Do you know that its now possible to charge any smartphone or low capacity gadget with fire? At first, I taught it was a myth, but after going through the video tutorial which explains the working principle behind the trick, I was amazed.

From the video guide, an iPhone 6 smartphone was used to test the practice and it worked like a charm. Charging an iPhone 6 with fire, sounds weird but true. At least, with this practice, you no longer need to rely on electricity or solar power to recharge your device.

The working principle behind this practice is that, they made use of use of a blade which is being heated on the fire, and then with the help of the heat, a thermal energy is transferred from the blade to the generator. With the help of the generator, the thermal energy being transferred in it would simply generate charge.

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The charge generated is very low, so you don’t expect your device to charge quickly with this practice, but useful is you’re stranded somewhere. We looking forward to these guys to generate something better, at least with this technique, some other genius can come to bringing something more useful compared to this.

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[Video] How to Charge Your Smartphone with Fire
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