Expected Features in iPad Air3 – News and Rumors

After knowing about several launches and releases of the devices we even can guess little little things about gadgets. Similarly iPad Air 3 is coming with various features and specs but to some extend we are sure about few things such as iPadAir 3will support iOS 9. We will be offered to have faster processor. The iPad Air 2 has an A8X chip, so can we expect either an A9 or A9X processor for the iPad Air 3.

The A9 is first likely to remain in the iPhone 8 and it is rumored to be 15% smaller, 20% more powerful and 35% more power efficient than the A8, so this is the improvement we like to see in iPad Air 3 and using A9X processor should be better at least.

However we cannot likely to have any more RAM, as Apple only just upgraded to 2GB with the iPad Air 2. With the design they will not much twist, so expect it to be slim aluminum shell. If it will be more slimmer and lighter, as this is the way Apple has been going with its Air range, but with the iPad Air 2 already just 6.1mm thick and 437g we're not at all pleased that anymore slimming will not be appreciated.

Touch ID will be welcomed and for the screen to be 9.7 inches again, though more in resolution is always feasible and if you love a larger screen Apple is also in the queue to be working on an iPad Pro. 

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There are literally some other features we would like to see in iPad Air3

Up the resolution
The iPad Air 2 already has one of the best tablet screens we have seen ever, but if Apple keeps a 1536 x 2048 resolution for the iPad Air 3 it is bit dated.
Samsung Galaxy Tab S and Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet already have it beaten. In fact when we take a look at its pixel density both the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus have the edge and it will not get started on all the QHD phones we are having now.

We are known to the fact that tablets aren't phones, but we get along with all the media and enjoy on them they are even minutely as appreciable of a splendid sharp screen.

Improved daylight visibility
Being sharper we think that the iPad Air 3's screen is functional and easier to see outdoors, particularly in day light.

You can have the benefit of using the iPad Air 2 without a roof over your head but there is lot of room for development. A unique selling point of tablets is mobile entertainment and it is the one that you cannot use outside.

Front-facing speakers
iPad Air 2 has a single speaker it controls to have some impressive sounds, but stereo speakers would be a significant change .


We are on the checking note want only one thing from iPad Air 3 well i.e the improvement in large such as moved from the base of the slate to the front, so that they are heading towards you when you are enjoying watching videos and playing games and more.

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Expected Features in iPad Air3 – News and Rumors
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