How to Fix “iCloud Music Library can’t be enabled” Error with Apple Music

Recently, Apple rolled out iOS 8.4 TO MOST Apple device. However, most apple iOS users would’ve already opt-in for the update. These latest update comes with some lovely and unique features compared to the previous version, which also includes the release of Apple music (a new streaming online service).

The new Apple music is quite cool and you can get started with the music by just signing up with the app. However, most of Apple’s users have complained of an error being prompted on the app, which details, “iCloud Music Library can’t be enabled”.

In this guide, I would brief you guys on how to fix “iCloud Music Library can’t be enabled” Error with Apple Music.

1.       Firstly, go to iCloud in the settings menu.

2.       After that, hit your iCloud account

3.       Now, enter the iCloud passcode, and proceed by tapping done.

4.       Next, go back to the music panel in settings app, and then tap on toggle.

5.       Once you’ve tapped on toggle, the iCloud music library would be enabled, then tap replace or merger.

That’s it. The error “iCloud Music Library can’t be enabled” would be successfully fixed. You can now launch your Apple music freely without an error.

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How to Fix “iCloud Music Library can’t be enabled” Error with Apple Music
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