How to Send Self-destructing Emails in Gmail Using Chrome

Learn how to send self-destructive emails in Gmail using chrome browser.

You can easily send self-destructive email in Gmail via chrome browser. However, you would need a plugin named Dmail to complete the task.

Sending self-destructive emails is pretty cool and it lets you delivery a self-timed messages to the recipients, which after it would be deleted once the time is reached. I really love this features because it protects my message against prying eyes.

Previously, I briefed you guys on how to undo an already sent email in Gmail, today’s stroll, I would guide you on how to send self-destructive emails in Gmail.


How to Send Self-destructing Emails in Gmail Using Chrome

-          Firstly, open your chrome browser, and download Dmail plugin from here.

-          After downloading the plugin, include it to your chrome browser, and restart the browser to complete changes.

-          Now, log into your Gmail account and you would see “All Dmail” at the top right corner of your browser, just as seen in the image below. That shows that you’ve the plugin installed successfully in your chrome browser.

-          To create the self-destructive email, simply click on “Compose”, and this would alter an interface that looks like that in the image below.

-          Now, input the message title, body and recipients, then set the time you wish the message to be deleted, after being read by the recipient. The image below shows the self-destructive email I wish to send to a friend, to be destroyed 1 hour after viewing the message.

-          Once the time is set, then send your message.

-          Now that your message is sent, this is what it would look like at your recipient’s inbox. Shown in the image below.

-          Once it’s being viewed, then the count-down starts and ends till it reaches the time being set for it to destroy.

That’s it. You’re now good to go and practice.

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How to Send Self-destructing Emails in Gmail Using Chrome
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