Download and Install Microsoft’s Arrow Launcher on Any Android

Recently, Microsoft announced the release of their new android launcher codenamed “Arrow Launcher”. This launcher features three main pages which includes the people’s page, app page with note and reminder page.

Just as seen in the image above, you would notice that the people’s page is where contacts, such as phone number, email accts. Etc. are being seen. While the app page is more like the homepage, and it’s being categorized into two sections, such as recent section (where recently used apps are found) and the frequent section (where most used apps are found). Finally, the Notes and Reminders page is where reminders and note are being taken down.

Generally, the Arrow launcher is pretty cool. However, there is still room for improvement, like including customization option like selecting icon pack or size.

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Where to Download Microsoft’s Arrow Launcher?

The application is currently a private beta, that is, you would need an invite to download the application. So, to request an invite, simply join their Google+ community here, and request an invite. If you’re not interested in joining the beta program, then you can download the arrow launcher apk app from here.

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Download and Install Microsoft’s Arrow Launcher on Any Android
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