How to Measure Heart Rate Using Apple Watch

The Apple Watch device can be used to easily measure or track your heart rate. However, the tracking process is being scheduled every 10 minutes to track down your heart rate automatically, whenever you’re idle o worked out. This heart rate is monitored by clusters of sensors by default.

This feature of an Apple watch is one of the most interesting health features, and this process is being triggered through the measurement of wearers pulse at the wrist. Biology students should have a little knowledge on this.  

In this guide, I would brief you on how to check the measured heart rate on your Apple watch through glances.

-          Firstly, swipe the face of your Apple watch and enter Glances.

-          After that, swipe left or right (depending on where you last were), and you should see the heart rate monitoring glance.

-          Now, wait for few seconds, till the Apple checks your heart rate.

-          Once the above process is finished, then you’ll see the complete report of your heart rate.

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That’s it. Your heart rate is now seen by you from your Apple watch. Hope this guide helps? Feel free to share this guide to your social profiles via the use of the social buttons, so that it can also reach to your friends.

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How to Measure Heart Rate Using Apple Watch
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