Solution To Effortlessly Repair Corrupt MS SQL Database

Author Bio: SQL Database Recovery is a commendable solution designed to recover both primary and secondary database files of MS SQL database. The organization has rendered its efforts in the vast fields of data recovery and migration.

Summary:The article gives a description of SQL server database. The solution which can be implemented to recover the corrupted SQL database has also been discussed.

Microsoft® SQL Server™is the first choice of programmers and a large number of end users. It is comprised of analysis services, database engine, integration services and reporting services. It can be designated as the best application for Windows as it comes at a very flexible cost and tight integration with Windows.

Storage Database Of SQL Server
SQL server database consists of three kinds of files:

1)      Primary Database File
The primary or MDF file stores the startup information of the SQL server. It also points to other files that are stored in the database. Only a single primary database file is created for every SQL server database.

2)      Secondary Database File
Secondary or NDF files are user defined and are created when the data can no longer be saved in the primary database file. This helps in growing of the database without any problem of data storage.

3)      Log Database File
Log database or LDF files are used to store the log information of the database.These files come into use at the time of data recovery.

Corruption In MS SQL Database

There are many reasons which render the MS SQL database corrupted. The most common reason behind the corruptions external drivers and bugs. Also, the disk subsystems are responsible for corruption. This is because SQL server relies to great extent on these subsystems and any issue with these subsystems, corrupt the database.

How To Repair Corrupt MS SQL Database?

A corrupt SQL database can be easily recovered with the help of third party application like Microsoft SQL Recovery. The software completely recovers corrupted NDF and MDF files and saves them in a healthy format in SQL server. The tool is equipped with Quick and Advance scan, which deeply scan the corrupted SQL files and recover the data from them. Therefore, with the assistance of the software, one can fight back the corruption in SQL database.

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Solution To Effortlessly Repair Corrupt MS SQL Database
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