How to Boot PC Running on Windows 10 into Safe Mode

Everyone who makes use of windows PC should know the benefits of booting their windows PC into safe mode.

Assuming you don’t know what the benefit of booting your windows PC into safe mode, I would briefly render few lines on how it helps your windows PC.

Safe mode option is an option that runs our windows operating system in a basic version, hereby making all automatic running app inactive. Via the option, you can easily clear virus from your windows PC, and also stop lagging of the computer.

In this guide, I would walk you through the process to boot your windows PC running on windows 10 into safe mode.

How to Boot PC Running on Windows 10 into Safe Mode

1.       Firstly, from your desktop screen, right click on the revamped windows 10 start button, then move your cursor key to shut down or sign out.

2.       After that, hold shift and then click on Restart.

3.       Once you’ve held your shift button and clicked on restart, you would get to the screen displaying the options “Continue”, “Troubleshoot”, “Turn of your PC”, just as seen in the image below.

4.       Now, click on troubleshoot >> Advanced Options >> Startup settings and click on Restart from the next screen.

5.       If you wish to clear virus off your computer, then select safe mode in networking

6.       Simply click number 4 or 5 from your keyboard, and the safe mode would boot into desired option.

Outside this method explained above, there is an alternative method to boot your windows 10 into safe mode, and I would also walk you through the process below.

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Alternative method to boot your PC running on Windows 10 into Safe mode

1.       Firstly, go to start > Run and input “msconfig” in the box

2.       The above process would launch the system configuration, then press Enter.

3.       Now go to Boot > Safe boot > then select the minimal option from the sub option, and also check networking if you need it to clear virus from your computer.

4.       After that, click on “OK” to apply the settings and also restart your windows PC.

That’s it. Your windows PC would be restarted, and it would boot into your desired safe mode option.

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How to Boot PC Running on Windows 10 into Safe Mode
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