How to fix iTunes not installing on Windows 10 – Simple Guide

Windows 10 as the latest operating system by Microsoft might be having some compatibility issue with some programs, especially, third party programs outside their software applications like Apple iTunes.

This should not discourage any windows 10 user because Microsoft built windows 10 to be the best so far, and as light as the operating system, it features great software components. However, the problem of the Apple’s iTunes not installing on windows 10 comes from Apple’s iTunes rendering the incorrect files for Windows 10.

In this post, I would walk you through the process to fix the iTunes installation problems on windows 10.

Common Errors & Problems Experienced
·         Error: “An error occurred during the installation of assembly Microsoft… HRESULT: 0x80073715?”.
·         Error: “Apple application support was not found (Windows error 2)”.
·         QuickTime and playback compatibility issues.
·         Other app related issues.
Fixing the issue is very much easy. Simply download the correct and already fixed file of iTunes for your windows PC, depending on the type of windows 10 installed on your PC, either windows 10 32bit or that of 64 bit. You can check your OS type by searching “My PC” and right click, then check the properties.

Where to Download?
You can download iTunes for Windows 32-bit from here, and that of windows 64-bit from here. - download for other video cards here.

Once you’ve downloaded the program, follow the onscreen instruction to proceed and complete the installation.

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How to fix iTunes not installing on Windows 10 – Simple Guide
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