2 Ways to Install Backtrack on Windows 7/8.1/10 Computer

BackTrack is a Linux distribution that is aimed on digital forensics and penetration testing. However, unleashing a native environment which will be dedicated to hacking. It’s also known to be an open source unit developed by security professionals. The BackTrack recent release is the Backtrack 5 R3 featuring over 350 security tools for digital forensics and penetration testing which now supports 32bit, 64bit and ARM Architecture.

Outside forensics and penetration testing, Backtrack comes with other submenus which includes, Vulnerability Assessment, Information Gathering, Miscellaneous, Reporting Tools, RFID Tools, Exploitation Tools, Reverse Engineering, Stress Testing and Services. You also get sub-categories from each sub menu.

I this guide, I’ll be revealing 2 ways on which you can install Backtrack on your windows computer, which includes, using VMware and ISO (image file).

How to Install Backtrack on Windows Computer?

Method 1 – using VMware

You’re 4steps away from installing backtrack using VMware. Simply download the VMware software here and follow the below procedure carefully.

1.       Firstly, Install the downloaded VMware software and also download Backtrack VMware image file.

2.       Now, launch the VMware >> Open file >> VMware image file, then locate the Backtrack VMware image file that you downloaded.

3.       Username and password will be requested, use “root” and “toor” respectively.

4.       Lastly, type startx once your logged in, and the backtrack will open as GUI (Graphical unit interface).

That’s it. You got BackTrack on your windows computer. Now let’s take a look at the second method.

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Method 2 – using ISO Image file

This method don’t just boot backtrack as GUI, but as your main system program, coming up in full screen, so I do prefer to use this second method.

1.       Firstly, make sure you’ve power ISO or demon tool installed on your computer, if you don’t have one, download here.

2.       After that, download backtrack ISO image file.

3.       Get a compatible drive and also a DVD writer software.

4.       Now, insert the DVD on your drive and burn the Backtrack ISO image file using power ISO.

5.       Lastly, reboot your windows computer and install backtrack using the DVD.

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That’s it on how to install backtrack on windows computer. You can also get backtrack installed on your android device, I already published guide on how to install backtrack on Android phones. I advise you go through the guide. Don’t also forget to share this guide to your friends on social networks.

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2 Ways to Install Backtrack on Windows 7/8.1/10 Computer
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