7 Performance Boosting Android Apps for Your Smartphone

Nowadays, Smartphone’s occupy a larger portion of our lives so it has become very important for us to not only purchase the right Smartphone matching our preferences but also maintain it well.  Following are a list of 7 apps which will help you boost the performance of your Smartphone to yield a positive experience.


1 Greenify

If draining battery is your concern then Greenify will help you to put an app in a state of hibernation, unable to access system resources, bandwidth or run background process.  The memory and battery draining apps would no more be a problem with Greenify. When you call an app, Greenify will allow the app to run in foreground normally.


2 DU Speed Booster

This app will help you clean junk files and cache to free up internal memory.  You can boost the speed of your phone at a touch of a button. It not only provide junk cleaning but also gives app manager, antivirus, a privacy advisor and an inbuilt speed test. This app is highly desirable if you use your phone for accessing the internet and gaming frequently. 


3 CCleaner (For android)

As a user it is rare you clear the cache files and clean up all the unnecessary files from your phone. With CCleaner’s multi- purpose cleaning capabilities, you can clear out your application caches, download folders, browser history and other temporary files. You can also choose the option to clear your call and SMS logs selectively or in bulk.  It also provides an app manager, CPU, RAM and storage meter with ad cleaning capabilities as well.


4 Device Control

To monitor your system and tweaking it provide optimum performance, Device Control is a handy app. It allows the users to configure CPU and GPU frequencies to over or underclock, enable or disable device specific features such as Knock-On and vibration strength.  It also provides an app manager, a wireless file manager and editors for system configuration files such as build.prop.  This gives you a larger control on your device which is otherwise not possible.


5 Nova Launcher

The applications that are launched in the background slow down your Smartphone.  Nova Launcher is highly customizable launcher which balances extensive appearance and utility customizations so that impact on performance of the phone by various apps is minimized.  It provides you a lot of options to manage your colour schemes, icon packs, scrollable docks and folder setting etc. It ensures that your phone’s performance is not interrupted by unnecessary processes running in the background.


6 Juice Defender

The mobile data and Wi-Fi internet connection are largely dependent for draining your battery more rapidly.  This app manages your mobile data, wireless and Bluetooth connections to prevent battery drainage.  It allows you to customize your connections by selecting from various modes and allow you to choose the apps which you want to keep running.  It speeds up your connections as well while avoiding battery leaks.


7 Android Assistant

If you want to manage your android device efficiently on a daily basis, you can install Android Assistant which will monitor your CPU, RAM, ROM, SD cards and battery etc.  It will also help you clear the cache and system cache, save power, manage files and monitor battery usage etc. 

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7 Performance Boosting Android Apps for Your Smartphone
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