Cyber Monday 2015 – An Online Marketing Event

Cyber Monday is one of the most popular online sales offers. It allows people to buy all kinds of stuff at discount rates. Cyber Monday is specifically referred to the Monday after the holidays of Thanksgiving is the USA. This term is basically introduced for the marketing purpose. Ellen Davis, Senior Vice President of NRF (National Retail Federation), invented this term in 2005. 

Actually, in 2004 online retailers did some research and found that on the Monday after the Thanksgiving holidays online sales were at their peak. To avail this opportunity, they decided to give the special discount on this day. After the arrival of term “Cyber Monday” general public also realized the importance of this day. The success of Cyber Monday was a gradual process because initially there were some hurdles in celebrating this online event.

Cyber Monday Hurdles
There are some complexities associated with this online event because employers expect from their employees to perform well, especially on the first day after the holidays but Cyber Monday comes on Monday after the holidays. This online event caused great frustration in employers and it was reported that almost 22% of employers of the United States fired their employee in 2011 due to the irresponsible use of internet at the workplace. Mostly that irresponsible use of the internet was related to internet shopping. There are lots of businesses that restricted online shopping website so that employees pay full attention to their job. To overcome this hurdle, a holiday on Monday after the Thanksgiving holidays is also under consideration. Obviously online retailers are in full support of this resolution, but there are some other Institutions like banking sector that can’t afford extra holidays. Due to such hurdles lots of companies show reluctance to offer big sales on Cyber Monday, but now big companies like Amazon and E-bay are also celebrating this event. 

Cyber Monday Success
Despite all these hurdles, this online event is growing rapidly. You can imagine the success of this online event from the fact that online sales on Cyber Monday of 2006 increased to $608 million. In 2008, it became $846 million. In 2010 online sales of Cyber, Monday broke the barrier of billion dollar sales. In 2010, the world witnessed the sales of $1,028 million in one day. It is very hard to resist such a lucrative opportunity. Initially, it was only Americans who were celebrating this event, but now lots of other countries like Argentina, Canada, India, Chile, Columbia, etc have started this event. The popularity of this online event is increasing dramatically and more countries are trying to participate in this event to boost up their economy through selling local products online to foreigners.

Like previous years, Lucrative Cyber Monday 2015 deals are expected. Customers are eagerly waiting to enjoy discounts as high as 80% off on routine use products. This is a day when, small online vendors also make money and even new brands can get an initial boost by adjusting their launch dates in collaboration with this even.So it's a win-win situation for everyone.

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Cyber Monday 2015 – An Online Marketing Event
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