GetResponse vs VerticalResponse ,Which one makes a better platform?

GetResponse vs. VerticalResponse, Which one is makes a better platform? In today's world there are so many competitors for almost every product which can be sold through the Internet medium. So, the question arises how a company can choose to be different in trying to establish its name on the internet. Well, the answer can be through email marketing. Email marketing is the need of the hour. 

With the kind of competition on products being sold online to make your presence feel to the customers is very important and to create a space in their memory is equivalently important. GetResponse and VerticalResponse are some of the companies to provide email marketing services to different companies who want to reach their clients through the medium of Email. In this article we will see some of the features of GetResponse and VerticalResponse and compare both of them on parameters like setup, pricing, auto responder, landing page, email analysis and customer support and decide which makes a better platform. 

GetResponse and VerticalResponse are tough competitors with each other. Get response claims to be the World’s easiest Email Marketing whereas vertical response claims to have easy services.

350,000 plus customers
1,000,000 plus customers
30 day free trial
Free services till contacts are limited to 1000

GetResponse has almost 350,000 plus customers and gives a 30 day free trial. As per the design is concerned , Get response gives a responsive email design which means you don’t have to do anything as they will automatically work on your design which will help get you 42% better response. It offers 500 pre designed templates with easy drag and drop tools which can be customized according to your business which are responsive. It also gives more than 1000 photographs to be used on landing pages.

VerticalResponse has almost 1,000,000 plus customers which is because it gives free service to small players whose contacts are limited to 1000 contacts. As per the design is concerned there is list of free templates designed which needs to be chosen as per the requirement and it also has responsive email design to look good on all the devices. Vertical Response provides a list of free templates and photographs. 
Featuresof GetResponse and VerticalResponse
Both of these Email marketing tools have very basic and self explainatory setup systems. You just have to start by saving your contacts and information which are similar in both of these platforms. In both of these platforms Add Contact option is available in the menu bar . There can be possibility that you don’t have previous contacts so you can start with building web forms by choosing your campaign of particular templates.

Pricing of both the softwares:
Get Response
Vertical response
List Size
Pricing /month
List Size
Pricing /month
1000                (Email)
5000                      (Pro )
10000                    (Max)
100000         (Enterprise)




Comparison of Pricing Strategy of GetResponseand VerticalResponse
GetResponse is charging $15 for 1000 contacts where as VerticalResponse give $11 for 500 contacts which is half of the number of GetResponse making Getresponse a cheaper platform.
Therefore, after the comparison of pricing of both the plans then GetResponse is more competitive and elaborative in its pricing after all everyone has to choose the best platform based their pocket size. So, as per your affordability you can always choose a plan from any of these platforms.

Autoresponder is one important part of the Email Marketing services. Both the two platforms have Autoresponders options which help in boosting the sales. A list of templates is given to choose for Autoresponders where in you also have a facility to make your own design. The procedure to choose Autoresponder is also same which includes setting up of certain steps like selection of day and time.

GetResponse Auto responder has a 2.0 version which is as advanced software which doesn’t require any help of other software.

VerticalResponse :
VerticalResponse Auto responder needs the help of software for autoresponding.

Landing Page  
Landing Pages are important pages which need to be published and one needs to redirected directly on these pages. This facility helps in increasing the customer base.

GetResponse gives landing page facility.

VerticalResponse is not offering landing page facility

Email Analysis
Analyzing what has been done is an important feature as it helps in knowing where to improve on. It helps in knowing the success of the work done. To have a graphical representation is even more necessary as it tells you how to proceed further. Report Interface helps in resending the email if required.

Customer Support
Customer support is one of the most important features for any platform to call itself successful. If your customers are happy then your business is bound to increase.  Both the platforms provide a rigorous customer care support.

GetResponse :
GetResponse has a 24×7 live customer service along with Email and mobile support

VerticalResponse :
VerticalResponse has high quality customer care support through live webinars and live chat.

Final Verdict
Both the platforms are equivalently competitive with each other. Both give neck to neck competition, so now the question arises which platform to choose amongst these. Giving same features makes it even more difficult to make a choice. Just for your ease listing some of the features of both the platforms.
Key Features for Get response

1.      Pricing is quite Reasonable
2.      24×7 live customer care support
3.      Provides free webinars
4.      Supports A/B testing services
5.      30 day free trial
6.      Landing page feature
7.      Autoresponder with 2.0 software

Key Features for Vertical response
1.      Pricing is competitive
2.      Rigorous Customer Care
3.      Free webinars
4.      Supports A/B testing services
5.      Free subscription till 1000 contacts
6.      1000 plus templates of design
Well if you compare the features, they both are more or less same. When there is such tough competition then small things become the decision makers.
So, going by the features, GerResponse takes an edge over VerticalResponse on the basis of pricing, as it is providing $15/1000 contacts where as VerticalResponse charges $11/500 contacts which is almost half what GetResonse is giving making it cheaper than VerticalResponse. So, Try the Getresponse Free Trial Now!
GetResponse provide 2.0software for autoresponder which VerticalResponse is not providing.
GetResponse offers landing pages whereas this facility is not present in VerticalResponse.
GetResponse provides 24x7 live chat customer care support .
All these features gives an edge to GetResponse over VerticalResponse. So, what is your take on it? Leave your comments on the comment box below.

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GetResponse vs VerticalResponse ,Which one makes a better platform?
4/ 5

2 blogger

16 March 2016 at 15:10 delete

Hello Anyikwa; i can say, this is a wonderful review and comparism of the two giants in email marketting. To be frank, ive not used either of it.

VerticalResponse is an allien to my ear - hearing it for the second time if not the first. I will try them soon.

I dont normally work a lot over the years in growing my email list. I got to know about its benefits lately. It pains me till date to loose some enviable amount of subscribers to mailchimp on my frist blog, it was my fault though.

I will like to venture into Getresponse as its more budget-friendly and good. Thanks for dropping this lifetime information.

Ybholy - Showbox to chromecast

19 March 2016 at 08:45 delete

Yeah True talk. Prior to now, I never knew about vertical response.

Regarding growing an email list, for now I am still stuck with MailChimp's free 2000. Nigerians are very funny folks. They just occupy space on the list but never give you click-throughs.

I wonder if they even check their emails. :(