5 Authentic Battery Saver Apps for Android

Looking for ways to save your Android battery? Trash unnecessary activities draining your android battery? Happy multitasking and battery still to be saved.

To start with, there are some programs that do drain battery, alongside with some setup which sticks on default mode and drains our android battery, but with the help of a battery saver application, drainage of battery becomes reduced, and our battery would last longer than expected.

In this article, I would highlight the 5 best and most authentic battery saver apps for android phones and tablets.

1.       DU Battery Saver
DU battery saver, aka power doctor is a very common battery saver app, and it’s a must-have app for android users. It’s a free battery saving app that makes sure our android battery last longer and 50% extra life of the battery power is kept on for usage. Du battery saver app is an effective, faster, simple, convenient, and easy and a global battery saver app that adapts to you.

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2.       Battery Doctor
This is another free and authentic battery saver app recommended for android users. With this battery saver app, your android device life can be extended up to 50% via detecting and correcting apps and settings that drains the life out of your android battery. Another great stuff about the Battery doctor is that, its interface is an easy-to-use, in other words, user friendly. However, the app supports up to 27 languages, so you can swap between languages depending o your countries language. Other features also included and especially CPU management, which is a very important functionality.

3.       Avast Battery Saver
Avast Battery saver is an authentic battery saver app that makes your android battery last longer. With this app, drainage of battery is reduced. The Avast battery saver features smart management of internet connections, as you now that 3G/4G capability is capable of draining our android battery, but with Avast battery saver, smart management of these connections is managed. Screen brightness management and stand-by automation is also an included feature.

4.       Go Battery Saver
Go battery saver aka power widget is commonly known to be the world best power management app, because it’s capable of extending your battery life. Features of this app include, smart saving, power testing and toggle control.

5.       Greenify
Greenify is an android root app, and a top battery saver app. This battery saver application is recommended for rooted android devices. What the application does is to put any misbehaving app into hibernation, thereby reducing drainage on our android battery. When battery drainage is controlled, then we expect extension in battery life.

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That’s all for the 5 Authentic Battery saver apps for Android. You can download any of the battery saver apps from Google play store, and if you got any problem, feel free to let me know via comment section.

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5 Authentic Battery Saver Apps for Android
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