10 Must-Have free Android Apps that Makes Your Device Smart

There are great performing android apps that keeps your android device smart. The android app I would brief you guys on today, are apps that geeks (using android gadgets) can't do without. With these apps, your smart android device stands to be complete and much more smart than it's previous default form.

Today's stroll, I would highlight the top 10 must-have android apps that makes your device smart. You might be wondering why these apps are must-have apps, so just calm down and go through the rest of the article, and you would see my reasons for saying must-have android apps.

10 Must-Have Android Apps That Keeps Your Device Smart

#10. Google Translat 

Google translate is an outstanding android app, which is also a Google branded app that is used to convert a written text or voice speech to different language across the countries. With this application, you can be able to translate over 80 languages from your android device, and it doesn't require any internet connection to run any translation. You can read more about Google translate here.

#9. Avast Mobile Security

Every android device needs protection against malware attack, and I think avast mobile security is a good force against malware attack. With Avast mobile security on your android phone or tablet, you stand the chance of protecting your android device from virus attack and other malicious activities on your android device. So, if you don't have Avast Mobile security on your android device, then I assure you that your android device isn't complete. You can get the application on Google play-store.

#8. Whatsapp

Whatsapp is a social network application that android users must have. With Whatsapp, you can be able to communicate to all your available contacts on whatsapp at low or no cost. This application is also capable of sharing media like videos, pictures and music files. I don't need to discuss much about this app because I already mentioned the top 5 things you don't know about whatsapp on my previous article. You can get the application from your Google Playstore. In most android device, it's already a pre-installed app.

#7. Temple Run

This is a gaming app that every android user should have. It's not just any type of game, but an outstanding game that is not restricted to any age. Temple Run till date still stands as one of the best games for android. It's really a great performing game that has even attracted the minds of game phobias. I encourage you to download Temple Run gaming app on your android.

#6. ES File Explorer

ES File explorer is another exclusive application that all android user must have. With ES file explorer, you can be able to explore files of different formats like Zip, Rar etc. It's really a great application and it's also capable of accessing files over over FTP, Bluetooth, LAN, Internet (box.net, Dropbox. etc). You can download ES File Explorer from Google Playstore.

 #5. Ccleaner

This is the best android memory optimizer and security suite that keeps your android device free from unnecessary data. It makes your android device very fast, by clearing useless cache, data and cookies from your android device. I already explained more features about Ccleaner here. So simply take a stroll to the article to know some relevant features about Ccleaner.

#4. Magisto Video Editor & Maker

This is another great android app that is very important for android users that loves to edit any video. With this app, you can make your video, and also edit an already made video. You can get this app from Google playstore. Also read about the 5 Best video editing app for android.

#3. Backup Apps

There are two best android apps recommended rooted and non-rooted android devices.
» Titanium backup (for rooted android)
» Super backup (for rooted android)

You can read more about these backup apps and get there download links from here.

#2. Dandum Antitheft

This is a great must-have android app that is recommended for all android users. It protects your android device from being stolen and also tracks down you android device when being stolen. You can get to know more about the 5 Best Android Anti-theft Application from here. You can also get the download link of the apps there.

#1. Flash Share

You might be wondering why this android app is the best must-have android app. It's the best because it's functions is highly needed on android devices. With Flash share, you can simply share any app, media (video, music, pictures) even ring tones within android devices. It's sharing speed is very high and the application is very much pro-active. You can get Flash Share from Google playstore. It's also pre-installed on most android smart phones. Don't also forget to check out the best data and file transfer app with high sharing speed.

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10 Must-Have free Android Apps that Makes Your Device Smart
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