How to Check Website Status: Best Tools to Monitor site Availability

There are over millions of websites on the internet with thousands of new websites created on daily basis. However, most of these websites do face issues, maybe hosting problem due to huge traffic, max bandwidth, poor development and some other stuffs that can lead to downtime of those sites.

You know there are times, maybe as a webmaster you notice downtime on your website, the problem might not be coming from you, maybe your ISP or browser, most people go ahead to ask friends to check if their websites or blog is opening at their end, the one way to know about your website status to see if it’s up or down is to make use of the tools am about revealing to you.

Today, I’ll be revealing to you some useful tool which can be used to check for website availability, status, if website is up or down to know the current status of the website. I’ve been using these tools for some while now, and I really love how they perform.

Without much say, I’ll quickly highlight the best online tools or web-based tools to monitor any website availability.

5 Best Tools to check website status – useful web-based tools

1.       Downforeveryoneorjustme – this is a useful website that checks for website availability. It tells if your website or any website is down for everyone or down at just your location. So if you’re looking for a cool tool to check for website availability, you can start with this tool.

2.       Mxtoolbox – this is another useful tool to check for website status. It can also be used to check the health of the domain and also check for website safety.

3.       Site247x – another top-notched tool to check for website availability. This tool also tells for the past checked sites. I recommend you also try this tool to test site availability.

4.       Currentlydown – currentlydown helps user to check if any website is currently down at the moment of check. Its fast, checks for notable outage and tells recently down websites.

5.       Isitdown – this is a United kingdom (UK) website that also helps to check if any other website is experiencing downtime or not.

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That’s it on the useful tools used to check website status… at least, getting to know about this tools helps you check website availability easily without asking friends to check in for you at their end. If you know of any useful similar too, feel free to share.

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How to Check Website Status: Best Tools to Monitor site Availability
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