Quick Guide to Register a Free Domain Name

Learn how to quickly register a free domain name. Did I just used the word FREE, Oh Yes!

I felt amazed when I came across this method, tried it and it worked perfectly for me. I don’t need to explain much on this content, but to start up, let me first brief the learners in the house what they need to know about domain name registration.

What is Website Domain Name?

A domain name is seen as an identification string that is used to identify one or more IP address, for instance, “Microsoft.com” that defines realm of administrative authority, autonomy or control within the Internet. However, domain names are formed by the rue of Domain Name System (DNS).

We have some great list of cheap domain name registration hosting, as we highlighted most of them from our previous content. Simply go through the underlined hypertext.

In this content, I’ll simply list two websites that can offer you free domain name registration for a year or even lifetime.

1.       1 and 1
This is one of the best domain name registration hosting that are willing to offer users free domain names for first time registration of that particular domain. All you need to do is to visit there offer link here, and get your free domain registration.

2.       Awardspace
This website is a web hosting site that also offers lifetime free domain registration, from different TLD, like “.com, .net, .org etc…” alongside with the free domain registration, awardspace is willing to offer users full control over the DNS, Whois lookup, EPP control, domain lock control, multi-domain sub account and many others.

That’s it on how to register a free domain name. outside the above websites, there are other web hosting site that are willing to offer customers free domain name registration, all depends on the plan you use with them.

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Quick Guide to Register a Free Domain Name
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