How to rotate a Video on iPhone or Windows PC

There are times we take video record on our iPhone device on a wrong orientation, only for us to get bad experience while trying to play the video while our iPhone is on prostrate form. Unlike other videos, already recorded videos don’t just rotate as iPhone rotates, it rotates in the form on which video was being recorded.

To clarify what I meant above, maybe, you took a video record on your iPhone device, maybe turning your iPhone 90 degree left, after record, you wish to watch the video in the normal portrait or landscape mode in a wrong orientation, only for you to see an upside down or reverse display mode.

Well, this experience can be frustrating… Less worries, as I guide you through the process on how to correct the orientation of videos recorded on your iPhone.

How to rotate an iPhone Video on iPhone?

1.       Firstly, download the Video rotate and flip app from iTunes.

2.       After that, launch the application and load your videos.

3.       Once you get to see your video list, you tap the button that is located at the upper left hand corner of the app.

4.       Select the video you’d wish to rotate.

5.       Once video is selected, tap on rotate button till you get your desired orientation.

6.       You can now then save the video and a new copy of the video with your desired orientation would be made available.

7.       There bonus tips which you can find yourself on the application like photo edit and all that.

Outside this method, you can also make use of windows PC to correct the orientation or rotate an iPhone video.

How to rotate an iPhone Video on Windows PC

1.       Firstly, make sure that you’ve already downloaded the windows live movie maker on your computer.

2.       After that, copy the video to the desktop screen of your computer.

3.       Right click on the video icon and open with “windows live movie maker”.

4.       The video would then launch in windows live movie maker, once launched, then on the top navigation menus of the windows live movie maker, you’ll see the rotate left and rotate right on the menu as boxed in the image below.

5.       Once you get your desired orientation, simply save the video as high definition.

6.       That’s all.

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Hope you now understand how to rotate iPhone video. If you got any other bad experience with your iOS device, please do let me know via comment section.

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How to rotate a Video on iPhone or Windows PC
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