How to Remove Stock Apps (Bloatware) in Android without Rooting

This content details how you can easily eradicate stock apps or bloatware in your android device without rooting it.

To start with, stock apps or bloatwares are pre-installed applications that are installed by the carrier manufacturers. However, most of these apps aren’t useful on our android device which includes most Google apps and some other useless apps installed by the carrier manufacturers.

Formerly, the only method to remove bloatware off your device requires root and most users don’t wish to lose the warranty of their device. Now, you can easily remove bloatware off your android device without root access.

1.       A computer (Windows PC)
2.       The android device having stock apps
3.       Download Debloater (the tool used to execute the action)

Before you proceed, make sure that you’ve enabled USB debugging on your android device. To enable, simply go to “Settings”, then scroll down to “Developers option”, tap and enable USB debugging from developers option. If developers option isn’t visible on your device, simply go back to “Settings” >> “About Device” >> “Build Number”, and then tap Build number 7times till it brings a response that you’re now a developer. Then go back to developer’s option and enable USB debugging.

Once you’ve enabled USB debugging, simply follow the procedure below to remove bloatware in your android device.

1.       Firstly, install the debloater tool on your computer, then launch.

2.       Now, connect your android device to the PC via USB cable, and the tool wait while the tool detects your device.

3.       Once your device is detected, scan the apps on your device including the system apps using the tool.

4.       After the apps have been scanned, simply use the tool and mark the apps you don’t want on your device, then “Apply”.

5.       Disconnect your device once you’re through, and reboot. You’ll notice that the stock apps aren’t available on your device

6.       To undo the process, use same tool and un-tick those apps, and you’ll find the apps on your device.

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That’s it on how to remove bloatware, stock apps or pre-installed apps in your android device without rooting the device. Don’t forget to share this trick with your friends, and stay tuned for future updates, simply subscribe to our email list.

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How to Remove Stock Apps (Bloatware) in Android without Rooting
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