3 Methods to Get IMEI on Android Phones

Knowing the IMEI on your Android Phones is of great importance as every android device comes with a unique IMEI numbers (International Mobile Equipment Identity) and this can be used to track down your device if it gets lost or stolen. However, no two android device can have similar IMEI number, as it’s a unique identity just as I’ve said earlier.

There are various ways to check for the IMEI on your android device, and in this article, I’ll be revealing 3 methods to find out the IMEI on your android device.

Method 1: (dialing)
The dialing method is the easiest and fastest mean to get the IMEI on your android device. Simply dial *#06# on your keypad and your Android IMEI number will be shown to you. A sample of mine is displayed on the image below.

Method 2: (device settings)
You can also find the IMEI on your android device from the phone settings. All you need is, Go to Settings >> Scroll down to About Phone >> Status >> IMEI information and you’ll get your IMEI from there. Process already described in the image below.

Method 3: (Google dashboard)
All you need is to go to Google Dashboard website from your android phone, and you’ll get all information about your android device which includes the IMEI number.

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Hope this brief tips will help to find the IMEI on your android phone. If you’ve any issue with IMEI or related problems with your android device, do let me know via comment section. For those of you who wish to change the IMEI of your Android phone, change it here. Don’t also forget to share this guide with your friends on social networks.

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3 Methods to Get IMEI on Android Phones
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