3 Best Apps that Secures Wi-Fi Access on Android Devices

This content details how you can make use of some handy software to secure wi-fi access on your android device, in other to avoid your wifi from being hacked by intruders.

The use of Wi-Fi network is now common to internet users, in the sense that, you can easily connect all your digital devices that is Wi-Fi enabled to your network which connects those devices to the internet. Wi-Fi network as a wireless network can to be easily manipulated by intruders and accessed without seeking permission from the owner, not like our traditional wired network that can’t be manipulated easily.

It’s important to heighten security measures when powering your Wi-Fi networks so you don’t get your network bandwidth stolen by an intruder. However, there are some safe android apps that can help you achieve this purpose.

Previously, I published a content on how to hack wi-fi network using Android phones, and I’m pretty sure that most of you that have gone through that content must be looking for ways to hijack other people’s wi-fi network, which is bad. I only posted that content for educational purpose, so I won’t be held responsible if you’re caught violating rules or going contrary to the reason that content was published.

In this guide, I’ll be revealing the top 3 applications that can secure the Wi-Fi access on your android devices. With the app I’ll be revealing, your wi-fi network access will be kept safe from intruders.

 3 Best Apps that Secures Wi-Fi Access on Android Devices

This app is a powerful wifi network security software that lets users generate wifi lock keys that can’t be penetrated easily by intruder. The authenticity of this app is such high that your android wifi access remains 99% secured using the application.

2.        WiFi Inspector APK APP

This is another android app that avoids your WiFi network from being hacked. The main purpose of this app is to inspect your Wi-Fi network access and detects all connected devices to the network, providing you with their full details for easy tracking. So, once intruders finally gain access to your WiFi network, you can easily track them down and also block their devices from connecting to your WiFi network.


This I just an alternative app to WIFI Inspector. It has the ability to scan through your WIFI network and get the number of devices connected to your WIFI network, providing you with the necessary details of devices connected to your network which includes the device Mac address, IP address, device name, manufacturer and other necessary details you can use to track down intruders.

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That’s all for the 3 best applications used to secure WiFi access on android devices. If you’ve any other grounded application that can secure android wifi access, please do let us know via comment section. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends on social networks, they’ll appreciate you for that.

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3 Best Apps that Secures Wi-Fi Access on Android Devices
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