Infinix Zero 3 X552 set for launch on December 15 with High-Specs

Infinix Mobility is a fast growing smartphone company that has made a huge impact to the smartphone market within few years of arrival. They’re hitting very hard to win the minds of smartphone users by providing their customers with what’s best for them.

Few days after the arrival of the Infinix Note 2, the word HERO3LOGY was used by Infinix to market the next Infinix Zero device. With the familiarized words “TheNextHero” and “Zero2Hero” which infinix used to market their previous campaign on “Infinix Zero 2”, we were able to conclude that Infinix is trying to unveil the next series of the Infinix Zero family, that is, “HERO” should be taking us to Infinix Zero series, and 3LOGY simply means something that have three parts and can be seen as one. So, am pretty sure that Infinix Mobility is referring to the Infinix Zero 3.

Recently, an insider managed to leak the camera sensor of the device, and we also managed to get the AntutuBenchmark of the Infinix Zero 3 which was listed on such a high profile with CPU scoring 44245.

Although the specifications of the Infinix Zero 3 wasn’t reveal, but it’s expected to come with higher specs compared to its predecessor’s  specs and the according to the AntutuBenchmark listing, the smartphone would definitely come with a powerful mega-pixel camera.

Launch date already scheduled for December 15 and full specifications and price on Infinix Zero 3 will be made known to all. Stay tuned as we keep you guys updated with any official press release about the Infinix Zero 3.

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Infinix Zero 3 X552 set for launch on December 15 with High-Specs
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