How to Track Any Lost or Stolen Android Phone

Android device is a very handy and useful gadget that everyone wishes to own depending on how “highly specs” it is. However, misplacing your android device can get it stolen along the line, and getting it back might become a difficult task to achieve.

If you’ve your android devices intact, I advise you check out these top anti-theft apps for android phones. With these anti-theft apps, you can easily track down and recover your android device and also avoid it from being stolen. But if yours is already lost or stolen, then you can follow the method I’ll be revealing to track it down.

Recovering an already stolen android device is not guaranteed using this method, but you can easily locate it if lost.

How to Track Any Lost or Stolen Android Phone

To track any lost or stolen android device, first download the app codenamed “Android Device Manager” from Google play store to another android device. Let me quickly brief you on the features of the app and how it works.

  • The Android device manager app is a handy application that helps track you android device which is associated with your Google account. So, let me assume that your lost android device is associated with your Google account and why I didn’t guarantee for stolen android devices is because the theft can easily wipe the memory of the device to claim it.
  • Another great feature attached to Android device manager app is the ability to reset your device lock screen and erase all data from the android phone. Erasing all part from the android device is the part I love, especially when you get to know that your device was stolen, and theft (novice theft I call them… *lol*) prefers to use the device with your details on it (without wiping data).
Now that you know the capabilities of Android device manager, simply download the app, install on another android device (just as I mentioned earlier) and login your Google account (same login details you used on your misplaced or stolen android device). Once this is achieved, the app will attempt to locate your lost or stolen android device and its last know map will be shown to you.

Finally, you can perform series of actions like, RING action to locate easily, reset lock to change lock pattern or pin, and Erase action to remove all data off our device.

That’s all on how to track any lost or stolen android phone. Having same issue with your iPhone device, read guide on how to track your iPhone device. Don’t forget to share this tip with your friends on social networks. Stay blessed and browse through this blog for more useful articles

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How to Track Any Lost or Stolen Android Phone
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