How to download Zip and Torrent Files on iPhone without Jailbreak

If you’re familiar with iOS devices, you should notice by now that you can’t download and extract zip files from either from your iPhone or iPad device except that you’ve jailbroken it. Due to the fact that everyone knows the risk of jailbreaking their iOS devices, they wish to stay safe and still expect their iOS device to perform those tricks that requires jailbreak.

Worry no more about jailbreaking your device all in the name of downloading Zip and torrent files on iPhone. Today, I will share a simple trick on how to easily download and extract zip files on iPhone and iPad without jailbreak.

It’s no trick, all you need is an application that helps performs the task for you and you get to download both zip and torrent files on your iPhone or iPad device. Let me quickly reveal the app name and a brief description about the app.
Version: Latest version
Compatibility: iOS 7.0.1 or later version

The total browser file manager is a must-have app that comes with a full integration of various cloud storage services which allows users download files of any format without needing to jailbreak their iPhone or iPad device. Currently, the cloud storage supports include Dropbox GDrive, OneDrive and Webdav.

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Features of total browser file manager includes managing all file types and documents, extracting files from a compressed zip or rar document (decompress), download option where you get to download any file format fom the internet to your iPhone or iPad device, organize archives automatically, multi-tab fast internet browsing, private mode browsing option, User agent spoofing and lots more.

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How to download Zip and Torrent Files on iPhone without Jailbreak
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