How to Change IMEI on All Infinix & Tecno Android Phones

IMEI also known as International Mobile Equipment Identity is a form of electronics serial number that is typically 15 digital numbers. However, each device come with a unique IMEI, as per say, no two devices should’ve similar IMEI numbers.

The IMEI of every smartphone is normally locked to the device and has nothing to do with SIM card change. Knowing the IMEI of your smartphone is of great advantage, and once your device gets stolen, permanent block of the devie can be easily executed once you provide your device carrier with the IMEI.

Nowadays, people are fund of changing the IMEI of their android device for tweaking purposes. Although, tweaking your IMEI can serve you great advantage, but always know that once your IMEI is changed, the warranty of the smartphone would be voided. IMEI changing is also illegal in some countries.

In this guide, I’ll quickly reveal some methods you can use to change the IMEI of any Tecno and Infinix device using MediaTek chipset.

Tested Tecno devices - Tecno Q1, Tecno S7, Tecno P9, Tecno M9, Tecno Droid 7C, Tecno H5, Tecno N9, Tecno D3, Tecno D5, Tecno F7, Tecno M3, Tecno S3, Tecno P5, Tecno L3, Tecno M5, Tecno M7, Tecno H7, Tecno M6, Tecno R7, Tecno N7, Tecno Y4, Tecno Y6, Tecno P6, Tecno M9 (A3), Tecno L6, Tecno F5, Tecno G9, Tecno Y5, Tecno Boom J7, Tecno Phantom Z (A7), Tecno Camon C5, Tecno L5, Camon C8, Boom J5, Phantom 5 and many more..

Tested Infinix devices - infinix hot, infinix hot 2, infinix hot note 2 infinix hot note x551, infinix zero, infinix x351, x530, x401, x350, x560, Infinix Zero 3, Infinix Note 2 etc…

We’ll update the tested device…. so always check back on the list… You'll also need to root your device...

How to Change the iMEI of Infinix & Tecno Phones [without Computer]

To change your device imei, if it’s to a blackberry imei, you’ll need to download the app >>Blackberry IMEI Generator… you’ll also need to download the tool codenamed >> MTK Engineering mode << as it is the tool that’ll help change your device imei. Now follow the below guide to proceed.

1.       Firstly, backup your device imei so you can always change back to default. To backup, simply dial *#06#, also check the 3 hidden ways to check imei of your android device.

2.       Next, get the imei you wish to change to, if blackberry imei, use the bb generator to generate a blackberry imei.

3.       Now, install the MTK Engineering mode software and launch… on the software, tap on MTK settings and swipe your screen to connectivity >> on connectivity menu, tap “CDS Information”>> “Radio Information” and tap on Phone 1 (to change imei for sim 1) and Phone 2 (to change imei for sim 2).

4.       Once you get to Phone 1 menu, you’ll see AT+, now clear it and input AT+ EGMR=1,7,”THE NEW IMEI NUMBER YOU WANT TO CHANGE TO” (endeavor that there is space between AT+ and EGMR i.eAT+ EGMR=1,7,”3383838282837373”

5.       Next, tap on “Send at Command” and you’ll see a message saying “AT command sent”… you’re done. You can now reboot your device, dial *#06# to check for IMEI.

6.       Want to change for sim 2, simply go to “Phone 2”… you’ll also see AT+, now clear and input AT+ EGMR=1,10,”THE NEW IMEI NUMBER YOU WANT TO CHANGE TO” (endeavor that there is space between AT+ and EGMR i.eAT+ EGMR=1,10,”3383838282837373”

7.       Click send at command as u did for Phone 1 and reboot after getting the “at command sent” message.

That’s it… feel free to comment if you got any complain… don’t forget to share this guide with your friends on social network. Now you know how to change IMEI of your Tecno and Infinix devices, you can go ahead and tweak your device…

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How to Change IMEI on All Infinix & Tecno Android Phones
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You can also change the IMEI Id of your mobile using just an android app, no restart required. Changes are effective instantly. Your phone needs to be rooted for that.