Hack Wi-Fi Networks 2016: Latest Tricks, Apps, Softwares and Tools

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To start with, Wi-Fi networks are wireless networks that can be used to share networks at far distance, unlike the wired networks. However, Wi-Fi networks are less secured compared to wired network, as it can be easily penetrated. Don’t forget to read this article about the best hacking operating system for penetration testing.

Today, I’ll be your guide on the latest Wi-Fi network hack tricks for 2016, and I’ll be revealing to you some lovely software, tools and app that can help you accomplish the purpose… I won’t detail much on this guide, as I’ll redirect you to recommendations of some of our previous guide.

Disclaimer: We are publishing this guide for you to be security conscious by running penetration test on your wireless network, so you won’t fall victim of anyone trying to use any of these methods to hack into your network. Please, Guruswizard won’t be held responsible if any reader goes contrary to the reason this guide was published. Execute all penetration test and security task at your risk.

Hack Wi-Fi Networks 2016: Latest Tricks, Apps, Softwares and Tools

Guide 1 – iPhone WiFi Network Hack tricks

I already publish two guides on this… first, I recommended 3 Wi-Fi Password hacking app for iPhone and iPad devices… and according to the guide, and you’ll need to jailbreak your iOS devices to make use of the apps, as cydia is required. Another working guide on how to hack wi-Fi password on iPhone also also revealed… I advise you go through those guides, and you’re done penetrating any Wi-Fi router using your iPhone device.


Guide 2 – Android Wi-Fi Password Hacks and Tricks

I’ve posted so many tutorials on using Android device to break through wi-fi networks. One of our most trended posts that is still blazing is the 3 methods to hack wi-Fi password using Android phones… I also publish content for those who think their Wi-Fi router is vulnerable… the content details you on how to secure your Wi-Fi network from being hacked… it’s a very helpful guide and recommended for everyone that normally makes use of their android hotspots. More guide on Wi-Fi hacking is on for android users… you can try the below guides…


Guide 3 – PC users can view Wi-Fi Password

You’re a windows user, and you’re looking for methods to find wi-Fi passwords… then I advise you go through this guide on How to Find Wi-Fi Password on Windows PC/Laptop. I also published a post on how to connect to wireless network without the password, and how to find wi-fi password using command prompt.


Guide 4 – other Wi-fi tricks and tips

We already detailed posts on tracking device connected to your wi-fi networks, depending on the device being used. Generally, you can make use of this guide, “How to Track Devices Connected to Your Wi-Fi Network” to check on any device connected to same wi-fi network that you’re connected to. iPhone users can also check for saved wifi passwords… read guide on how to locate saved wifi password on iPhone, it’s also possible on android.. Read guide on how to check saved wifi password on android.

That’s all we got for now on hacking Wi-Fi networks…. Tricks... softwares… tips and apps recommended. So if you encounter any difficulty executing any of the trick highlighted above, feel free to let me know via comment section. Don’t forget to share this guide with your friends on social networks.

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Hack Wi-Fi Networks 2016: Latest Tricks, Apps, Softwares and Tools
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