Top Mobile Apps for Project Management

Project Management' is a must-have section of an organization and business, observed and admired by a large workforce -whether senior management or entry-level trainees. It is more about leadership integrated with company management and thus, can't stop emerging.

Project Managers are priceless resources to both top companies and small business groups. They are the engines to spread knowledge and information, conduct planning, to bridge the gap between the employees, customers and clients, resolve conflicts, facilitate core operations and keep every concerned person connected. There are lots of tasks a PM has to accomplish, which is why business experts have discovered ways to unburden and simplify their responsibilities.

An extensive and exclusive professional Project Management Training can be constructive for all of them who want to see faster results and be the leaders.  You can also acquire knowledge of concerned tools and services that can comfort you from multiple engagements at one time. This article presents some brilliant and helpful Project Masnagement Applications you can choose to operate from your smartphones anywhere, anytime and on any device (Android and iOS).


Now, you have the choice to manage your team without being present in the office. Popular and productive, this Android/ iPhone application provides high-level features to view the projects on your mobile screen and share it with team members, clients, vendors and other business groups. Asana integrates well with almost every platform, including Google Drive, MailChimp, Github, Dropbox, WordPress, Evernote and others.

With a premium support plan, project managers can obtain front-line support from the app managers, which can further help them make best use of its features, applications and upgrades. It gives you an extended facility of governing your users and admin and configure authentication.

In demand for having Predictive Scheduling Engine, Liquid Planner is a dynamic sight of multiple project details on a single screen at one time. You don’t have to flip through screens like you do on your laptops and desktops. Rather, it gives you the ability to analyze the whole project at once, discover the scope the improvement and identify the bugs at the same time. You can then make a checklist and communicate it with team members.

LiquidPlanner CEO, Liz Pearce revealed the concept behind this application and said, “There are few jobs in the world today that are as complex and dynamic as project management". He further added, "Our goal is to help organizations to tame the chaos and uncertainty in work, to be able to keep pace with constant change, and ultimately to drive growth in their own businesses. We consider ourselves partners in planning, which is why we provide not just software, but training and personalized consultations to our customers.”

Since everyone working on a project relies on the Manager for anything and everything in between. With Freelance Mobile app, there is someone whom the Project Manager can approach. It’s easy and fast. Just from your mobile phone, you can reach to that Freelance Advisor, who can mentor your work and have things done for you.

Having the professional proficiency in the service market, Mavenlink is a visual tracking tool that enables Managers to replicate and visualize success of their project using several timeline charting tools on templates. This helps them make keen and wise decisions to enhance the project's performance. The mobile app features fault-tolerant attitude and excellent efficiency while tracking the changes.

Clarizen simplifies a streamlined social system for the processes and conversations that occur during a project course, giving PMs a highly accessible environment. It is a cloud-based service with up-to-date data, which can manage budgets, resources and projects. Clarizen integrates well with several platforms like MS Excel, Google Maps, Outlook, Salesforce, Lotus Notes.

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Top Mobile Apps for Project Management
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