7 Gadgets you must have if you are a real estate agent

An estate agent’s work is almost never done, there are always someone who is looking for services that you can offer and with real estate agents that end up working long hours, equipment becomes paramount that ends up lightening the workload by a significant margin. Apart from that, modern day gadgets have made a significant mark in every industry, which only makes it logical that their utilization is covered properly in the profession of estate agency. In this article, I will be mentioning some of these gadgets.

Here is the list of gadgets that are important for your profession if you are a real estate agent:

1.            Tablet/Laptop:

Tablet and laptops are obvious equipment that you are going to need, especially if your workload is research based, I didn’t mention a desktop because of the lack of portability. Apart from that, you might want to get a tablet that can last for a long time without having to charge, I personally recommend a tablet over a laptop.

2.            A camera with WiFi:

This is an extremely important and useful tool in your repertoire. For tasks such as inspecting property and record keeping, pictures taken from this camera can then be wirelessly sent to your clients, all you need is a WiFi Hotspot or a Smartphone with which you can pair your camera via Bluetooth.

3.            Satellite Phone:

These are modern times, and I’m pretty sure that you already have a smartphone but often times your work might take you places where there is seldom cellphone coverage. Fret Not! There are some gadgets online that can turn an average smartphone into a satellite phone, But its better to get a satellite phone altogether, especially if your estate agency deals in area that have higher altitudes.

4.            Sophisticated Accessories:

If you are planning to meet a client then I recommend that you to dress your best, this usually means wearing sophisticated attire. Its all about an impression of professionalism and a watch is no exception, remember to wear a sophisticated watch because its the first thing a client notices after your clothes. A smart watch is also a good alternative, it will help you keep track of your emails and your notifications without straying too far from the client’s spectrum of attention.

5.            A Portable Scanner:

You might want to get a portable scanner so you can scan documents on-the-go, it gives you better mobility. But, I’m not asking you to carry it around in your hands, just keep it in your car until you have the need to convert Pdf’s and print outs into JPEG images.

6.            A drone:

You might need a drone depending upon the terrain of the property, but it’s generally useful in all cases. If you care to enhance your quality of services then a drone with a camera will work extremely well. Right now, you must be wondering that this is a rather strange thing to have as a real estate agent. I assure you, that the drone will help you provide a bigger picture to your client; you will probably end up using this to give virtual tours to your clients. Keep in mind that there are some places where using drones is not allowed; please contact your local authorities before opting for this gadget.

7.            A power Inverter:

A power inverter can help you in your smartphone’s battery issues and it greatly enhances your reachability, even if you’re on your way to some place and you forgot to charge your equipment.

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7 Gadgets you must have if you are a real estate agent
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