2 Methods to Remove Google Account on Android Phones

Generally, to get fully started with any android device, you’re required to input your Google account which would be sync with the device to get you fully started, especially when you wish to download a must-have application from Google play store. Without your Google account, you won’t be able to make use of the Google play service.

Due to the rush of getting started, most of us do input any Google account, maybe those of us who don’t have a Google account at that moment might want to use a friend’s account to just get started. Later you created your personal Google account, how will you go about removing the previous Google account? This question brings us to the topic of the day.

Today, I would walk you through different process on the removal of Google accounts from your android device. The first method pretty works on any android device, while the second procedure can only be executed on android devices running on kitkat, lollipop, marshmallow or any later version.

How to Remove Google Accounts on Android Phones

Method 1 – via factory reset

Factory reset is the traditional method to remove Google account, but I don’t recommend this method as it also affects other settings on your android device. So, for users who still see factory rest as an option to removing Google account, then you’re free to factory reset. But take note that settings and data might be lost during the process. Remember to backup your android device before you proceed.

How to factory reset your Android device?

1.       Go to settings menu from your app drawer.

2.       Once you get to settings, scroll down to “Backup & reset”.

3.       After that, tap “factory data reset” and tap on reset.

That’s it. Your device would be restored to factory settings and you’ll lose all your personal settings. If you’re not satisfied with factory reset, I advise you try the second method.

Method 2 – Account removal without factory reset

This is a very easy method, as it is applicable to android kitkat or any later version. So I see no reason you should factory reset when you can go through a simple process to removing your Google account without data lost or lost of personal settings.

How to Remove Google Account without Factory Settings?

1.       Go to settings menu from your app drawer.

2.       Once you get to settings menu, scroll down to “Accounts

3.       Getting to accounts, tap “Google” to view all added Google account, both primary ad secondary Google accounts.

4.       After that, tap the Google account you want to remove, then at the top right hand side, you’ll see three dots, tap and select ‘Remove account”.

5.       You’ll get a prompt, simply confirm and the account would be removed.

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2 Methods to Remove Google Account on Android Phones
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