How do you Replay a snapchat? This is how I do

Funny title, isn’t it? More like asking about your technique in exchange of mine. I still remember when the replay features wasn’t included on snapchat, then people do find it difficult to replay snaps on snapchat. Now the feature is integrated on snapchat which makes process pretty easy.

Today, I’ll be your guide on how to replay snaps on snapchat… simply follow the simple steps I’ll be unveiling to you and you’re gamed.

How to Replay a Snapchat

1.       Firstly, launch the snapchat application and go to “settings” (you’ll see a small gear icon at the top right corner) from the app.

2.       After that, select “manage” under additional settings.

3.       Now check the “Replay” box to enable replay under the additional service.

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That’s it. Replay option is enabled and now you can move back to main screen, press and hold on snap to replay and you’ll get a message asking you if you would love to replay snap. Simply tap YES and your snaps on snapchat would be replayed. That’s how I do replay a snapchat, how about you? Any other method you know of which is more like a hack, feel free to share.

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How do you Replay a snapchat? This is how I do
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