Whatsapp Improves security by integrating End-to-End encryption

The rate at which cyber securities are being compromised is overwhelming. Nothing stays safe online, especially when it comes to sending private mails or messages. We’re happy that Whatsapp now improves their security interface by integrating end-to-end encryption.

You might be wondering what end-to-end encryption means and what it do. Well, let me break it down for you guys this way. The end-to-end encryption is a feature that makes sure our private messages stays safe without being compromised with or stolen. However, every communication being made on whatsapp is kept private. Therefore, whenever you send a message to someone or you send group chat info, not even a hacker, cybercriminals, oppressive regimes not even whatsapp can go through the message.

According to Whatsapp, the end-to-end encryption is sort like a face-to-face conversation. So once you’ve updated your whatsapp to the latest version, it comes with the end-to-end encryption by default. However, every message you send to the recipient is being encrypted with a unique lock key.

This feature also makes sure that the calls you make re end-to-end encrypted by simply looking at the contact info or group info. You get to send also check-in for end-to-end encryption for messages you send. If you’ve not updated your whatsapp, do so to gain access to this feature. For updated users, go to settings >> security and enable yours.

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So what’s your say? You can now speak freely on whatsapp, send any type of message to anyone, make calls to anyone both home and abroad with active encryption and stay in touch with anyone. Whatsapp is known for privacy and security, so you’re advised to update your whatsapp to enjoy this feature. Feel free to let me know via comment section if you got any say.

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Whatsapp Improves security by integrating End-to-End encryption
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