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4 Best Apps to Stream Live TV Channels for Free on Android

Have you ever taught of streaming live TV channels with your android device? If no, then I bet you haven’t started explore the use of your device.

I’ll brief you guys on the 4 best Apps to stream Live TV channels which include DSTV channels, foreign channels and other local channels. When am through with this article, you’ll begin to explore more with your device streaming live TV channels.

How to Track Calls and Data usage on Android using Callistics

Every android device comes with pre-installed programs used to check call histories, check values of data usage and some other recorded stuffs like that, but these histories don’t last, within few weeks, or just couple of days, it wipes off. However, android system allows you to record only the first 500 call histories. This is the more reason you need an advanced program to do all the tracking for you, so as you get to see a lifetime history.

Callistics is an advanced android app that is designed to track every call that you make and then make a special history for it, track messages, track data usage with a special data management unit, call logs with advanced chart for specific days, incoming and outgoing call tracks, metrics provided per contact and free calls and messages section. Please don't confuse this apps with applications that tracks mobile calls or call recording apps for android.

How to Remove Background from any Image on Android Phones

Removal of background from any image is now simple on android. You don’t need a computer to perform this task when you got your android device. With this, you can easily fix any type of background for your image and post online.

Recently, I came across an android app codename “Background eraser”. This app helps to erase background from an image by cutting or trimming the main character on the image and placing the image on a transparent background.

Top 10 Best WiFi Password Hacker Apps for Android 2017

When we talk about WiFi hacker apps, the first thing that you think off is apps that can be able to penetrate through routers with authorization from users and reveal security details and some other stuffs to you as penetrator. However, these apps can execute some other stuff such as block users from a particular network to extract bandwidth and get details of affected users.

Personally, I’ve used some android hacking apps and most of them are focused for penetration especially for WiFi routers and related. Please, don’t confuse my reason for publishing this article, as you’re not advised to use any of the apps illegally but only for penetration testing to be security conscious. Carefully go through the disclaimer below, before you proceed.

How to Schedule Wallpapers on Android for Automatic changes

Do you know that it’s possible for you to schedule wallpapers on android? I know that it might sound weird to most of you, but that’s just the raw truth. You can automatically change wallpapers on android without doing it manually, all you need is to schedule each photos you desire to activate as wallpaper for some period of time. Also read how to schedule text messages on Android and iPhone.

You can choose to make use of a particular photo for some period of time, when the period set is due, it changes automatically to the next photo and keeps changing automatically for as much as you’ve scheduled it. You can run a daily, weekly or even hourly time set. Isn’t that amazing?

Download Android Nougat 7.0 Launcher APK App

The Nougat launcher is an android launcher that is adapted from the normal Nougat operating system. This launcher advances the interface of previous operating system to give it a nougat look-alike. However, it comes with most android nougat features and also update.

The Nougat launcher also features kitkat launcher (as known, kitkat interface still remains the best) with redesigned menu giving it a better interface. The launcher has a new translucent App Drawer Style like that of nougat with the kitkat transparency (what a good combination). It also features the nougat folder with folder preview option with 3 different preview style, launcher grid style like that of the stock nougat operating system and the presence of “OK Google” voice recognition with different language support.

Download Prisma for Android and iOS: Best Photo Editor for Modern Art Filter

Prisma is now officially available for everyone for download and it’s now tagged as one of the best photo editor for android and iOS devices. However, when it comes to editing your photo into a modern artwork, then prisma is the best application for the task.

This application features 30 different filters that can modify any image into an artwork, stunning photo effects and within the short period of the app launch, the engagement on the app is massive as they now have millions of daily users making use of the app to edit photos.

Download Latest WIFI WPS WPA TESTER for Android – No Root required

Is your device connected to WiFi network that its password isn’t revealed to you? Or have you forgotten your router WiFi password? Then, with the help of WiFi WPS WPA tester, you can easily hack into the router and recover your WiFi password.

WIFI WPS WPA TESTER for android is an application designed to recover WiFi password for connected devices, as it can locate as many router as possible and provide users with the password to the connected ones.

The New method to Hide SMS or Private Messages on Android

Receiving private messages is one thing, keeping it safe and secured is another deal. Most individual are fund of exposing their private messages to public. Do you know that you your account security can be easily compromised if the number used in receiving bank notification aren’t secured? There are also several reasons we should keep our SMS private and secured.

Recently, I came across a new method to keeping private messages locked out from eye prying, and unlike every other method, this method seems to work perfectly and gives your SMS the maximum security. With the help of the application I’ll be revealing, you stand a chance to hide all your private messages from eye prying.

5 Best Money Making Apps for Android and iPhone with Payment via PayPal

It’s been a while I published article on simple money making techniques as I’ve focused this blog more on tech guides. However, I finally discovered a strategy to make money (easiest money making strategy) using some useful apps with high rewards and get paid via PayPal, amazon gift cards wih some other payment methods available.

So, if you’ve not gotten a PayPal account, I advise you do that right away. If your country isn’t listed on PayPal menu, I advise you generate a USA PayPal account and then verify with either a USA number or verify with a Payoneer account. I can guide you through that means; just let me know via comment section if you’re experiencing any difficulty with that.

Download Fing Network tools on Android to Spy WiFi Networks

You are about to download Fing Network tools Free Apk for Android.

Ever wanted to spy on someone who’s connected on your WiFi network? With the help of Fing network analyzer, you get fast and accurate results of devices connected to your WiFi network. This isn’t new to PC users as I already detailed a guide on how to view devices connected to your WiFi network. So, if you’ve not gone through the guide, I advise you do that right away.

Fing network tool help to provide professional network analysis to android users. However the interface of the app is very intuitive and also helps you evaluate security level for your network to detect intruders (those who hacked into your WiFi network) and also help solve network issues.

How to Backup SMS and Restore on Android [One-click Method]

Generally, android devices don’t feature backup option for most data which includes text messages or short message service (SMS). However, as we are more dependent on our devices as a means of sending text data and also receiving, then it’s important we create a backup for every text data.

As know, there are various ways to backup sms on android, but these techniques requires a computer or some kind of tweaking which is hell lot of process, but the one-click method I’ll be revealing to you makes backup easy and automated, as you can always restore anytime and anywhere.

Download ZAnti Penetration Testing Hacking toolkit for Android

You’re about to download ZAnti, the commonest android hacking toolkit for penetration testing.

ZAnti is a very useful toolkit that is focused on mobile network penetration testing which allows manager penetrate risk level of any network with the simple push button integrated on the toolkit, so as to simulate attackers to easily identify the malicious techniques being used during penetration. However, cooperate network security is being compromised.

I’ve personally used the app, and I can testify that the app is one of the best penetration testing toolkits available for android devices. If you missed my previous article which details the best android hacking apps, I advise you go through it.

Download WiFi Kill PRO APK for Android to Penetrate WiFi Networks

Recently, I’ve been trying some useful softwares for penetrating WiFi networks and I’ve seen success in most of the tested programs. I was even shocked at the way most of these programs works, at least, having known their penetration pathway and loop holes, I know where and how to protect my WiFi networks against hackers.

If you’re a PC user, you must have heard about Netcut which stops unauthorized persons from using our WiFi, what about mobile? Do you know that you can easily penetrate through your network and disable any other unauthorized users from making use of your network via mobile?

Download WiFi Password Hack 2016 Free Apk for Android

You are about to download WiFi Password Hack 2016 Free Apk for Android.

I’ve come across so many applications that claims to hack wifi password, some worked as expected, although it takes time before password gets cracked, most didn’t. It’s always advisable you make use of a very strong WiFi password so yours don’t get cracked.

The WiFi hack application I’m about sharing to you is a big prank app. you get to feel like a boss and your friends would see you as one badass hacker, not knowing that you’re using no other method but a prank application. This doesn’t means that they aren’t other ways to hack WiFi with android… I already detailed guides on that, you can read about the WiFi network hack tools with softwares.

Download VLC 2.0 for Android integrated with Android TV Support

Finally, VLC media player has been updated to version 2.0 with lot of bug fixes, enhanced features and brings support for android TV. However, this VLC media player is compatible on all android devices and also adjusts variation with size of the device, making it responsive with improved user experience.

I’ve used the VLC media player for years, both on my windows PC and android device. I don’t know if you can recall my previous update which details the 7 VLC media player hacks, hidden tricks and tips. I bet you, you’ll be shocked at the hidden tricks that can be implemented on VLC media player.

Download WiFi Hacker Password Simulated Free Apk for Android

You are about to download WiFi hacker Password Simulated Free Apk for Android.

The Wifi hacker Password simulated is termed to be a very useful simulation application for android devices that tends to analyze wifi networks around your neighborhood and breaks through the password as long as the network uses its default password and not changed by user.

With this application, you get to recover network keys like WLAN_XXXX, VODAFONEXXXX, JAZZTEL_XXXX ... and lots more security that are on default security level. At least, this is a warning for those that do leave their network security level unchanged.

5 Best Apps to Check Important Statistics on Android

I’m pretty sure that most of you haven’t taken full advantage of your android device. There are amazing android applications that can be very helpful in checking various statistics o your device. You get to know how long your device is being used, data usage, hardware information and some other important statistics.

Today, I’ll highlight the top 5 most amazing application for checking stats on android. I’ve written guide about some of them, so I’ll provide you guys with their download link via the already detailed guide so you can also read more details about the applications.

Download Whatsapp Video Call APK for Android to Activate Video Call Features

The whatsapp video call features is one of the most anticipated features that everyone has been patiently waiting for. Now, you can easily activate the Whatsapp video call features by downloading their beta application with the integration of the video call feature.

With this application, you’ll see an option for making video call, although the app is still beta mode, so the video call button isn’t functional yet, but it would introduce your android cell phone to start making video calls via whatsapp.

Presently, the video call features is on most messaging application which includes the hangout, Facebook messenger, Viber, snapchat, skype and some other popular messaging application. So it’s left for Whatsapp to fully integrate the video call features. Hope you’ve also come across Google’s new messaging apps, Allo and Duo.

Download Latest WiFi Password Hacker Free Apk for Android

You are about to download the latest WiFi Password hacker Free Apk for Android.

If you’re looking for one of the coolest prank apps, then you can start with the WiFi password hacker prank app which lets users feel like a pro hacker for those who falls for your prank. It’s an app with a cool hacking-like interface with matrix that makes it looks real.

So, if you ever wanted to prank people or friends, then you’re advised to download the WiFi hacker prank app to let them fall for your prank. We already listed some working WiFi hack method for android. So, if you’re also looking for real means, no prank, to hack WiFi network, I advise you go through the guide.