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How to Include Apple Music Playlists to Apple Watch

Learn how to easily add all apple music playlists from your iPhone to apple watch.

Adding playlists from your Apple iPhone to watch is quite handy, because you would be able to easily carry your watch along, while going for gym or any other leisure. However, you can easily add up to 2GB worth playlists to your Apple watch, which would definitely carry you along for a pretty long time.

In this guide, I would walk you through the process to adding Apple music playlists to your Apple watch. But before you can sync the apple music playlists on your iPhone to apple watch, you’ll need to download playlists for offline listening. To download, simply follow the simple process below;

How to Track Any iPhone Using Apple Watch

Tracking of lost iPhone devices has been made so easy nowadays. Forget those days when you make use of Find My iPhone features to locate or track down a lost iPhone device. However, you can easily track down a stolen or lost iPhone device with your Apple watch. Sounds interesting :)

In this guide, I would brief you on how you can easily locate or track down your stolen or lost iPhone using Apple watch.

How to Measure Heart Rate Using Apple Watch

The Apple Watch device can be used to easily measure or track your heart rate. However, the tracking process is being scheduled every 10 minutes to track down your heart rate automatically, whenever you’re idle o worked out. This heart rate is monitored by clusters of sensors by default.

This feature of an Apple watch is one of the most interesting health features, and this process is being triggered through the measurement of wearers pulse at the wrist. Biology students should have a little knowledge on this.  

In this guide, I would brief you on how to check the measured heart rate on your Apple watch through glances.