How to Track Any iPhone Using Apple Watch

Tracking of lost iPhone devices has been made so easy nowadays. Forget those days when you make use of Find My iPhone features to locate or track down a lost iPhone device. However, you can easily track down a stolen or lost iPhone device with your Apple watch. Sounds interesting :)

In this guide, I would brief you on how you can easily locate or track down your stolen or lost iPhone using Apple watch.

How to Find Any Apple iPhone with Apple Watch

» Firstly, turn on the Apple Watch.
» Now, swipe up on the Apple Watch face.
» After that, swipe to the settings using the right swipe.
» Getting to settings, tap on Ping iPhone button, which is located towards the bottom of it's display.
Once you've hit on Ping iPhone button, a unique ring tune would be generated from the lost or stolen iPhone, and this would ring so loud. This ring would help you track the iPhone easily, even when the iPhone is in silent mode, it would definitely ring out.

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How to Track Any iPhone Using Apple Watch
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