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How to Send Self-destructing Emails in Gmail Using Chrome

Learn how to send self-destructive emails in Gmail using chrome browser.

You can easily send self-destructive email in Gmail via chrome browser. However, you would need a plugin named Dmail to complete the task.

Sending self-destructive emails is pretty cool and it lets you delivery a self-timed messages to the recipients, which after it would be deleted once the time is reached. I really love this features because it protects my message against prying eyes.

Previously, I briefed you guys on how to undo an already sent email in Gmail, today’s stroll, I would guide you on how to send self-destructive emails in Gmail.

How to Generate Multiple Gmail ID with Single Inbox

Creating multiple number of Gmail ID with single box is one of the best Gmail trick, and it works perfectly with Gmail policy. However, you can generate multiple amounts Gmail ID as possible and receive all incoming mails in a single inbox.

This method might sound funny to some, but it works and you can use generated mails to create multiple accounts on social networks and forum and still receive mails on same inbox. Stay tuned, as I walk you through the process.

How to Activate the Undo Send Feature in Gmail

Gmail has finally implemented the “Undo Send” features into their platform. However, you can now save yourself the embarrassment of sending emails with grammatical blunders or errors.

There are simple steps away from enabling this new features. Just follow the guide below, and the “undo send” features would be activated on your Gmail account.

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How to Activate the Undo Send Feature in Gmail

1.          First, log into your Gmail account.

Best Ways to Avoid your Gmail Login Details from Being Exposed

Gmail is known to be one of the biggest email web-based services with millions of internet users.  Thousands of online marketers and individual do make use of the gmail service for there web-based business or online business precisely, and with the help of gmail account, some google business services, like google adsense, youtube, google webmaster , analystic and many other related google services are being accessed with the help of the gmail service. Most gmail account stands the chance of being hacked due to the ignored security tips being provided by Gmail service, and this has lead them to the lost of so many online transaction being made. Today’s stroll, I would brief you guys on the best ways to avoid your gmail login details from being exposed.

Best ways to avoid your gmail login details from being exposed-

  •             Always enable the use of https because it is understood by google that the use of https helps to improve internet security, and with it, your gmail account stands the chance of being unhacked. To enable the https, simply login into your gmail account, then navigate to settings > general > 5th row, then get the https enabled from there.

  •             Make sure that you do activate the step 2 verification. Most individual do ignore the step 2 verification of there gmail account, forgetting that the step 2 verification enhances security. I do advice you go through the step 2 verification of your gmail account, because that’s one of the best way to keep your gmail account safe and it won’t be easy for any hacker to hack through your account. So simply move to your gmail account, and follow the step 2 verification for few mintues, it helps you to generate a backup phone number and printable codes for your gmail account.

  •             Also make sure that you reguraly check your IP login session to know the recent activities in your gmail, and this would also help to track down if your gmail account is being accessed by a unathourized person, checking the accessed location of such person. To check your gmail IP session, simply login into your gmail, and scroll down, then you should see “Last Account Activity”, and then check the login sessions from there.

  •             I also advice you check your gmail grant account access, by navigating to settings > Accounts and Imports > Grant access to your account, through that interface, you can then get to notice any for of unauthorization in your gmail account.

  •             Also check your gmail option and settings reguraly, like the filters and forwarding and POP/IMAP. Remember to deselect forwarding option under settings. Also check other setups to see if your account is compromised, like vacation responders and signature, and also check filter that forwards or you can delete messages under settinhs > filter.