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[Download] Google Introduces Allo and Duo: Latest Messaging and Video Calling Platform

As known, Google is termed to be one of the biggest tech-giant that is aimed to organize the world’s information, making it universal, accessible and useful in terms of search. It’s also specialized in other internet-based service and products. It is also known to be a multinational company that deals with cloud computing, software, advertising technology and so on. Of course, they also got some in-depth projects under their research and development section.

Recently, Google unveiled their messaging and video call app codenamed “Allo and Duo”. Both apps work hand-in-hand to accomplish one goal, which is giving users the best experience in communication.

Download Google Nexus APK (Nougat) Launcher for Android

As the latest android operating system (android 7.0 nougat), surfaced online, its developers preview was made available for Nexus device. I already published an article on how to install android nougat on Nexus, I also provided rooting guides for Nexus devices already running on nougat OS. However, if you’ve performed any of this on your Nexus android device, I think you won’t need the launcher.

The new Google Nexus launcher is designed to emulate the interface of the android Nougat operating system, bringing some certain nougat features to our android phone, cool skin, and lovely themes. Please do not confuse this launcher with the current Google Now launcher that is stock on our android device, as its nothing like it.