[Download] Google Introduces Allo and Duo: Latest Messaging and Video Calling Platform

As known, Google is termed to be one of the biggest tech-giant that is aimed to organize the world’s information, making it universal, accessible and useful in terms of search. It’s also specialized in other internet-based service and products. It is also known to be a multinational company that deals with cloud computing, software, advertising technology and so on. Of course, they also got some in-depth projects under their research and development section.

Recently, Google unveiled their messaging and video call app codenamed “Allo and Duo”. Both apps work hand-in-hand to accomplish one goal, which is giving users the best experience in communication.
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The Allo app is focused on messaging and comes with pretty cool features that you hardly find on any other messaging application. Just like every other messaging apps, it comes with basic features like its own template smileys, emojis and stickers. The Allo app also features what we call “Whisper Shout”, which lets you resize text and send. The app also comes with an integrated photo editor.

What makes the Allo app more enhanced compared to any other messaging app is the integration of Google’s personal assistance in it. With the helping handing of the built-in Google assistance, intelligent answers on conversation is being provided. I bet you can’t find this feature in any other messaging application, except the one I personally don’t know of. LOL!

The Allo app also makes sure users conversation is kept secured and private. Just what everyone expected, because privacy matters. Some other features integrated on the app include Google recognition tools (it helps you recognize any input like image or related), separate interface to interact with Google assistance (seek information and answers) and also mini-games.

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As for the Duo application, it’s an app focused on video calls and features an advanced video calling technology which provides a very easy and clear interface for making video calls. Google duo makes mobile video call very simple and fast. However, once the app is launched, you’re welcomed with the selfie preview of yourself and ready to make high definition video call quality.

That’s all I can tell for now about Google’s Allo and Duo apps. The app is currently now up for download on Google Playstore.

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[Download] Google Introduces Allo and Duo: Latest Messaging and Video Calling Platform
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