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The Four Ps Of Marketing – All You Need to Know

Marketing own product is basically how you position it to satisfy your market needs. There are four critical elements in marketing the products and business. The four Ps of marketing helps to structure the components that make up a brand’s offering, differentiators and marketing.

The Four Ps are as follows:

1.    Product
2.    Price
3.    Promotion
4.    Place


Product also called services is what a company sells. Along with the product, the customer is attracted to the way it is packed. Other important attributes are quality, features, options, services, warranties and brand name.  A product can either be a tangible good or an intangible service, but it should fulfill the need of consumers.

For example, a luxury product should create the right image for “customers who have everything” while many basic products must be created keeping in mind about the price conscious consumers.

GetResponse vs VerticalResponse ,Which one makes a better platform?

GetResponse vs. VerticalResponse, Which one is makes a better platform? In today's world there are so many competitors for almost every product which can be sold through the Internet medium. So, the question arises how a company can choose to be different in trying to establish its name on the internet. Well, the answer can be through email marketing. Email marketing is the need of the hour. 

With the kind of competition on products being sold online to make your presence feel to the customers is very important and to create a space in their memory is equivalently important. GetResponse and VerticalResponse are some of the companies to provide email marketing services to different companies who want to reach their clients through the medium of Email. In this article we will see some of the features of GetResponse and VerticalResponse and compare both of them on parameters like setup, pricing, auto responder, landing page, email analysis and customer support and decide which makes a better platform. 

GetResponse and VerticalResponse are tough competitors with each other. Get response claims to be the World’s easiest Email Marketing whereas vertical response claims to have easy services.

350,000 plus customers
1,000,000 plus customers
30 day free trial
Free services till contacts are limited to 1000


Download 150K Active USA Email List for Marketing

This article details the facts behind email marketing and download links for over 150k active USA email lists.

To start with, let's first talk about what email marketing is all about and how it can boost your business as an internet marketer.

What is Email Marketing?

Email Marketing is one of the best strategy for any online business. When you talk of Email marketing, you're directly marketing commercial messages to group of people using Email and this helps to enrich business communication, and also targets specific key markets. However, it's likely that every email sent to a potential customer is known as email marketing.

Cyber Monday 2015 – An Online Marketing Event

Cyber Monday is one of the most popular online sales offers. It allows people to buy all kinds of stuff at discount rates. Cyber Monday is specifically referred to the Monday after the holidays of Thanksgiving is the USA. This term is basically introduced for the marketing purpose. Ellen Davis, Senior Vice President of NRF (National Retail Federation), invented this term in 2005. 

Actually, in 2004 online retailers did some research and found that on the Monday after the Thanksgiving holidays online sales were at their peak. To avail this opportunity, they decided to give the special discount on this day. After the arrival of term “Cyber Monday” general public also realized the importance of this day. The success of Cyber Monday was a gradual process because initially there were some hurdles in celebrating this online event.

Best Social Media tools to Skyrocket your Business

This article is contributed by Veer, founder of and social media enthusiast. H recently wrote about kik login online on your computer. You may find it interesting.

Social media plays a very important role these days. Your business should have some exposure on social media as it will help you generating more revenue and leads as compared to before. 

If you are not on social media or want to create deep influence of your business you can take help of some tools.

There are several tools which can help you to sky rocket your business, no matter what kind of business you own. You can use these tools to get the best out of your blog, business website or your e-commerce website.