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2 Ways to Install Backtrack on Windows 7/8.1/10 Computer

BackTrack is a Linux distribution that is aimed on digital forensics and penetration testing. However, unleashing a native environment which will be dedicated to hacking. It’s also known to be an open source unit developed by security professionals. The BackTrack recent release is the Backtrack 5 R3 featuring over 350 security tools for digital forensics and penetration testing which now supports 32bit, 64bit and ARM Architecture.

Outside forensics and penetration testing, Backtrack comes with other submenus which includes, Vulnerability Assessment, Information Gathering, Miscellaneous, Reporting Tools, RFID Tools, Exploitation Tools, Reverse Engineering, Stress Testing and Services. You also get sub-categories from each sub menu.

[Latest] How to Crack Wi-Fi (WPA2 & WPS) with Kali Linux

This content is details you on ethical hacking by describing to readers on how to hack or crack Wi-Fi, WPA 2 & WPS using Kali Linux.

For starters, Kali Linux is said to be a Debian-based Linux distribution that focuses on security audit and penetration testing. For those of you that are familiar with back track, the Kali Linux is a complete re-build of it which contains hundreds of tools to carry out security tasks, Forensics, penetration testing and reverse engineering.

In Kali linux, you can find up to 600 useful tools for penetration testing, and it’s an open source development and also free to use by anyone. It features wide-range wireless device support, custom kernels that are patched for injection, GPG signed packages and repositories, multi-language support, ARMEL and ARMHF support and developed in secured environments.  Already we know that as it is an open source, it’s meant to be completely customizable by anyone.

[Latest] How to Install Linux on Android Phones without Root Access

The Linux is an open-source operating system or programming software that enables both the computer operator and applications to perform desired functions. However, this operating system is widely used for penetration testing and you can make use of it in a vulnerable environment to test various hacking vulnerabilities and attacks.

The installation of Linux on Android phones formally requires root, but with the method I’ll be revealing to you, no root access required and you get to download all Linux files on your android device without voiding the warranty of the device.