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Download Avast 2016 Free Antivirus for Windows PC

Avast is the most trusted and common security provider in the world with more than 230 million users in over 186 countries.  However, the home edition of the software is absolutely free for personal or non-commercial usage with great features attached to it.

With the Avast Antivirus software, your system would be protected against malware attack, virus attack, Trojans and you can be able to browse securely on the internet.

Capture Screen Easily With Movavi

Movavi Screen Capture is picture-perfect for recording any type of screen audio-visual on your Mac. Relish unlimited potentials for screen casting: grab quick streams, plug-in activities, the net content, and even digital canvas. Practise smooth HD-video footage at up to 60 fps. Catch full display or describe a part of the shade as your recorded area, and make use of customizable hotkeys to begin, gap, or stop seizing your screen. Capture structure sounds as well as audio from CD performers and other gears or from a USB -microphone, counting voice explanation - no extra software essential. 

Titanium Backup 7.2.0 Apk for Android (Free Download)

Titanium Backup is a backup tool that works perfectly on rooted android device and it's developed with great features. With the titanium backup tools, you can easily backup your market links, datas and apps, keep duplicate copies per app, covert user app to system app and vice versa. The titanium backup also schedules backup and auto upload to the Google drive, Gmail or even your dropbox.

The latest version of titanium backup (version 7.2.0) is also supported on all android device with Android M Preview developers, that is, if you’ve ported to Android M Preview, then titanium backup would work perfectly for your device.

Avast GrimeFighter for PC - Best Ccleaner Alternative

Avast Grime fighter is the best alternative to Ccleaner. It helps eradicate junks and data slowing your PC. The Avast grime fighter has a very friendly user interface compared to the Ccleaner software, and it even perform faster functions compared to our commonly used Ccleaner software.

Brief Features of the Avast Grime Fighter

  •       The Avast Grime fighter cleans when other junk cleaners can’t. it first sedate your PC, which allows them to sift through even the 'locked' system files and destroy most types of Grime.

  •      Makes your PC safe and sound. The Avast Grime fighter minions detect hardware components that are in danger of failure, to proactively safeguard your privacy and beef up your security – all of which makes your PC more resistant to Grime’s wicked attacks.

  •     Avast Grime fighter is more than just a speed-up tool. Little by little, Grime moves into your PC. But even when you bring home a new PC, it usually comes with many types of junk pre-installed. Whether trialware or intrusive toolbars, let GrimeFighter fight back!

The Avast Grime fighter software has a combat team unit with their specialty and below shows a tabulated preview of their combat team and their specialty.

Avast GrimeFighter - Best Junk Cleaner App for Android

Eradicate data slowing your android device with Avast Grimefighter.

Avast Grimefighter is the best mobile optimizer that safe cleans all kind of junk from your android phone or tablet. The app is highly effective and it cleans all caches, disposable files, and even thumbnails to save storage space of the device.

With Avast Grimefighter, your android device would function at maximum speed due to the app effectiveness to wipe data that slows your phone, and the app has some other great features like;

Analyzing the storage space on your android phone and also identifies all disposable data.

It also has the safe clean feature, which makes sure that all system cache, useless data, useless gallery thumbnails, installation files, and other unnecessary files are being eradicated in just one tap.

It also have an advanced cleaning features which shows an overview of all the data on your android device.

It also let's you wipe useless data manually, that is, one after the other.

It also let's you delete and uninstall all useless application in just one tap. And many more cool features.

Free Download of Windows Media Player Classic- Latest Version

Windows Media Player Classic latest version is now available for PC and Laptop. The software is really a cool media program that is developed by Microsoft and it is used for playing audio, video and also used for viewing of images on any personal computer that runs on the Microsoft windows operating system, and also windows mobile and pocket PC. There are also available editions of the windows media player which is also released for the Mac OS, Mac OS X and Solaris but development of these has long been discontinued.

Features of Windows Media Player Classic

  • The windows media player classic has some great features which includes;
  • The ability to rip music from any disk and also copy music to any compact disc
  • The ability to burn recordable disc in any Audio CD format or as a data disc with playlists such as your MP3 CD, synchronize content with a digital audio player (MP3 player) or other mobile devices.
  • It also lets users to purchase or rent music from a number of online music stores. And so many other features

Auslogics Boostspeed 6.4 Full Version + Serial Key free Download for PC

Auslogics Boostspeed 6.4 is a symtem utility that helps to speed up, optimize, and clean user's computer. It is also used to fix registration errors, improve internet peformance, remove unwanted files and entries, and defragment the disks and registry.


Key Features:

- Helps to speed up the internet on your computer

- Serves as ads blocker, by blocking banner advertisement

- Helps in organizing and keeping disks and entry clean

- It also Helps to Optimize Memory and Appearance of your computer

- 100% Safety and Speed of your Computer

Tools Type:
It's a Boost Software Product

- It's also an optimization tools

- It's also a Network tools.

File Size: 17.5MB

Download Auslogics Boostspeed 6.4 here