Avast GrimeFighter - Best Junk Cleaner App for Android

Eradicate data slowing your android device with Avast Grimefighter.

Avast Grimefighter is the best mobile optimizer that safe cleans all kind of junk from your android phone or tablet. The app is highly effective and it cleans all caches, disposable files, and even thumbnails to save storage space of the device.

With Avast Grimefighter, your android device would function at maximum speed due to the app effectiveness to wipe data that slows your phone, and the app has some other great features like;

Analyzing the storage space on your android phone and also identifies all disposable data.

It also has the safe clean feature, which makes sure that all system cache, useless data, useless gallery thumbnails, installation files, and other unnecessary files are being eradicated in just one tap.

It also have an advanced cleaning features which shows an overview of all the data on your android device.

It also let's you wipe useless data manually, that is, one after the other.

It also let's you delete and uninstall all useless application in just one tap. And many more cool features.

One great deal about Avast Grimefighter is that, it's user-friendly and it's known for simplicity. It also allows you transfer most of your popular data to cloud.

Where can I download Avast GrimeFigher?

Avast Grimefighter is available on Google playstore.

Where does Ccleaner stands compared to Avast Grimefighter?

Ccleaner is one of the best android system utility tool that has similar function with avast grimefighter. You can read more about Ccleaner from here. From my own perspective, Avast Grimefighter is the best Ccleaner alternative that is impacted with extra and more advanced features.

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Avast GrimeFighter - Best Junk Cleaner App for Android
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