Avast GrimeFighter for PC - Best Ccleaner Alternative

Avast Grime fighter is the best alternative to Ccleaner. It helps eradicate junks and data slowing your PC. The Avast grime fighter has a very friendly user interface compared to the Ccleaner software, and it even perform faster functions compared to our commonly used Ccleaner software.

Brief Features of the Avast Grime Fighter

  •       The Avast Grime fighter cleans when other junk cleaners can’t. it first sedate your PC, which allows them to sift through even the 'locked' system files and destroy most types of Grime.

  •      Makes your PC safe and sound. The Avast Grime fighter minions detect hardware components that are in danger of failure, to proactively safeguard your privacy and beef up your security – all of which makes your PC more resistant to Grime’s wicked attacks.

  •     Avast Grime fighter is more than just a speed-up tool. Little by little, Grime moves into your PC. But even when you bring home a new PC, it usually comes with many types of junk pre-installed. Whether trialware or intrusive toolbars, let GrimeFighter fight back!

The Avast Grime fighter software has a combat team unit with their specialty and below shows a tabulated preview of their combat team and their specialty.

Combat Unit
Evil arch-villain slowing down PCs all around the world
Sneaking up on and destroying malware on your PC
Cleaning and maintaining your web browser
Dale Jumpshot Jr.
Removing crapware and bloatware to speed up Windows load time
Strengthening the security of your applications
Tuning up and optimizing Windows services and settings
Sir Jeffrey
Investigating and analyzing your PC hardware components
Analyzing your network connection for security and speed
Dr. Liza
Analyzing and classifying all of the stuff on your hard drive
Taking out the trash on your PC, freeing up your drive space
Analyzing and researching the newest hacking trends the instant they emerge
Analyzing your privacy settings

Where Can I Download Avast Grime Fighter for PC

So don’t waste any minute and get the software downloaded on your PC, its must-have utility software for your PC. If you got any related questions or issue regarding to the software, feel free to let us know via the comment section and we won’t hesitate to send you a feedback.

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Avast GrimeFighter for PC - Best Ccleaner Alternative
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