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Top 5 Best Laptops in Nigeria Priced Under N60,000 (2015)

Nowadays, purchasing a new laptop isn’t a big deal due to the heavy competition between the laptop industries. Every 3 months, new sets and model of laptops are being launched with loads of sophisticated features, but beware that most of the laptop industries don’t maintain our demand, that is, producing laptops with low specifications and also being priced high.

Before purchasing any set of laptop, there are some things to be considered. I would quickly brief you on what you should notify before you buy a new laptop.
  • Always try to look into the size of the laptop. The modern technologies ensure that more sophisticated gadgets should take its simplicity, and integration of its component also shows its simplicity. So the best laptop size you should consider should be at the range of 1-1.5kg, any size exceeding that limit isn’t proper. Also look for laptop which it’s screen that ranges from 12.5-13.3 inches.
  • Screen quality is another factor to be considered when purchasing a new laptop. Do endeavor check the quality of the laptop screen and make sure it’s a high quality screen display. Laptops with screen resolution 1920x1080 aka full HD is a good example of a high quality screen display.
  • Also check for the keyboard quality. This is another major factor that is considered. Make sure that the size of the keyboard looks responsive and very comfortable.
  • CPU is another factor I do advice you check on most. I never miss this aspect whenever am going through some laptops to buy. Make sure the CPU is of great impact. Like the best performing CPU, lies between the Core i3, Core i5 and Core i7. The processor speed should also be considered.
  • Also try to check upon the RAM of the laptop. The RAM of the laptop is what determines the speed of the system, as it is also the RAM that helps you run multiple programs at the same time with quality speed. The minimum RAM a good laptop should have is 2GB or higher.
  • Also check the storage of the laptop. Storage of the laptop all depends on how useful the laptop is to you. If you do want to purchase a laptop mostly for storage and other related activities, then I advise you go for a laptop with a 320GB or higher storage memory.
  • The battery life of the laptop is also another factor to be considered when buying a new laptop. Try to check the on the standby time of the laptop. Of course, a good laptop should last at least 7 hours, so try to check on the battery life of the laptop.
  • Finally, try to check on the wireless connections, networking and also connectivity’s of the laptop, as it would also make your laptop perform effectively.
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Today’s stroll, I would highlight the top 5 cheap and best notebook laptops in Nigeria that is priced under N60,000. However, I would love you to take your time and stroll through their major specs and know the one that best satisfy you, and then request an order.

 1.       Lenovo G40-30 Laptop

Lenovo G40-30 Laptop is quite a cheap computer regarding to its price with sophisticated specifications. The Lenovo G40-30 laptop acquires a Intel® Celeron® Processor N2840 (1M Cache, 2.16ghz up to 2.58 ghz), 14.0 HD BV LED-backlit Display, 4 GB DDR3 RAM,500 GB 5400 rpm HDD, supermulti 8X DVD±RW, 4 Cell Battery, wifi 802.11 bgn, Web Cam + Mic, Bluetooth, freedos etc.

Price and Where to Buy Lenovo G40-30?
-          Buy from Konga –Click here to buy Lenovo G40-30
-          Price Tag- N60,000

2.       HP 250 Intel (NO OS)

This is another great notebook laptop that is quite affordable and has a long lasting battery. The HP 250 Intel (NO OS) has a Screen Size of‎ 15.6‎‎"‎‎ LED‎?backlit HD anti‎ glare Display and powered with a‎ 2.13GHz Intel Celeron processor and a ‎‎2GB RAM, 500GB hard drive, DVD optical Drive, Intel HD Graphics, Operating System‎‎:‎‎ FREEDOS(NO OS),  and a HD Webcam camera. It also achieves a very Durable battery with HP BAG and WIRELESS LAN. It also achieve the USB 3.0‎‎(‎‎1‎‎)‎‎‎‎,‎‎ USB 2.0‎‎(‎‎2‎‎)‎‎‎‎,‎‎ HDMI‎‎,‎‎ VGA ports.

The 5 Best Cheap Domain Name Registration Hosting

Getting a custom domain name for your blog, website or forum is really a great step forward. Any webmaster or blogger that needs a brand for her blog or website is always advised to purchase custom domains. There is lots of cheap domain registration hosting and you can purchase a domain name as cheap as $2. Today's stroll, I would detail you guys about the five best cheap domain registration hosting. Before going through this article, I would advise you to take a stroll through this guest post by Larry Frank, which details the considerable for choosing a right domain name. He explained the factors and some other facts you need to consider, when selecting a domain name.

Five Best Cheap Domain Registration Hosting

1. Godaddy- Godaddy is one of the biggest domain registrations hosting that offers domain names at a very affordable price. You can even get a $2 domain name on godaddy. They also have classic domains like .com, .net, .org and some others, and over 57 million domains (still counting) is managed on their server. Godaddy which offers cheap domain registration hosting have been on since 1999 till date with ICANN license.

2. Namecheap- Namecheap is another cheap domain registration hosting that offers very affordable domain names. They are known for offering cheap and fast service with an encouraging 24/7 customers support. Namecheap domain registration hosting has been on since 2001 till date, and it's also ICANN approved.

5 Best Data or File Sharing Apps for Android With High Sharing Speed

There are many resource for data sharing purposes on android devices, but most of these apps are junks and don't manifest their primary purpose. However, there are other great data sharing apps which do manifest their functions.

With data sharing apps, you can be able to share almost all information or documents (in any format) to other android phones or tablets.

Previously, I published an article which details the best utility apps for android, and I know that most of you must be enjoying those apps. Today's stroll, I would brief you guys about the 5 best data/file sharing app for android.

1. SuperBeam

Superbeam is the fastest file sharing android app that shares big files between android device through the use of WiFi direct. Superbeam also let's you pair device with the use of QR codes (which scans the code of the device) and also let's you make use of NFC or the manual sharing key. The superbeam app also have some other fantastic features like;

Sharing multiple files in just one click
Sharing files of any type of format
Fast sharing speed and so many other features.

2. Xender

Xender is another great file sharing app which was previously know as flash transfer, and it's WiFi based app that works on all android phones and tablets. This app makes uses of WiFi to speed-en up the transfer speed but it doesn't require internet connection.

Other Features of Xender;

Ability to connect with more than one android devices and share files simultaneously.
It let's you use the Swipe n Share features, that is, selected files can be shared by just shaking your android device
You can easily browse all type of files through the app and many more.

5 Must-Have free Utility Apps for Android

Android utility apps are very useful apps that are designed to help analyze, configure, optimize or maintain the android device. Android utility apps are also grouped into different categories like, the Anti-virus, backup apps, data compression, data synchronization, file managers, network utilities, registry cleaners and other known categories.

Today's stroll, I would brief you guys about the 5 of the best Must-have free utility apps for android. So briefly read through the highlighted apps below and take a quick action by downloading each of them, because they are very useful and functional apps on your android.

5 Best Free Utility Apps for Android

#1. Valet

This is the best car locator app that remembers you where you have parked. You don't need to even remember when you have Valet app on your android. The app also allows you to set parking meter timers and also street sweeping alarm. So, I advice you download this elegant free car locator which would always remember you about your parking position.

This is a google branded app that gives you full information of anything by just taking the picture of that thing. Maybe a famous landmark, a painting, the image of any object, just take a picture and the app provides you with every useful information you need to know about that object.

Google goggles is a very useful app that also read text in languages like English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, and Turkish, and translate it into other languages. Isn't that great?

Top 5 Best Smartphones In Nigeria Priced Under N40,000 (2015)

Smartphones in the Nigeria market has gone a bit high due to the current exchange rate which has brought a red alarm to Naira.

Notwithstanding the fact that the current exchange rate is high, there are still some other cheap smart phones in the Nigeria market that is quite handful and very much sophisticated. Of course there are some factors that determine the quality of a smartphone, and purchasing a smartphone is being determined on what you wish to use the smartphone for. Most individuals do make purchase of smart phones, either for gaming purpose, social media purpose, while others for taking photos and video recording purpose. You must have your own purpose and that would determine the type of smartphone you desire to purchase.

Today's stroll, I would detail you guys about the top 5 best-selling smart phones in Nigeria that you can get under N40,000. The smart phones I would highlight below are wallet friendly and on purchase on e-commerce sites like Konga with warranty.

  1. Tecno L7

Display: 5.0 Inch HD Touchscreen

Cameras: 13MP

OS: Android OS, 4.4Kitkat

Processor: 1.3GHz Octa Core


Storage: 16GB

Battery: 3050mAh


  1. G6 With Fingerprint Identification

Display: 5.0inch HD IPS,1280*720pixels

Cameras: Rear-13MP,front-2MP

OS: Android OS, 4.4.2(MIUI optional)

Processor: 1.7GHz Octa Core


Storage: 8GB

Battery: 2250mAh

5 Best Free Web Proxy Sites to Hide My IP Address

To Hide your IP address is a very much easy task. Though web proxy sites don't seems to be the best option towards hiding your IP address but they can serve you well. Talking about the best option that offers Hide My IP address, you look at VPN. Previously, I published an article that details the 10 best free online proxy websites to unblock blocked sites, today's stroll, I would brief you on a related article, but this time, it would base on the 5 Best Free Web Proxy Sites to Hide My IP Address.

1. Hide My Ass- This is a very popular proxy website that helps me Hide My IP address and it has been on existence since 2005. So if you are looking for a good proxy site to hide your IP address, then Hide My Ass is a perfect one to go with.

2. Anonymouse- Anonymouse is another great proxy website to hide your IP address. It's been on existence since 2004 and have been doing great.

3. Vtunnel- This is another perfect proxy website that I have used to Hide My IP address online. The website interface is user friendly. The website has been on existence since 2005 and I can really testify about their great work.

The 3 Best Virtual Network Computing (VNC) Service Providers

Virtual Network Computing (VNC) is a graphical desktop sharing system, which uses the Remote Frame Buffer protocol (RFB) to remotely be in control over another computer. It also transmits the mouse and keyboard events from a particular computer to another, transmitting the graphical screen updates back in the other direction, over a network.

There are great benefits using virtual network computing (VNC) and I would mention a few among them.

» Virtual network computing helps you save money on a total hardware maintenance. With this network, you can make use of an older computer to run a newer or recent program. This would make you purchase less computers fro a business because of the help of VNC.
In terms of maintenance, it allows automated troubleshooting, repairing and diagnosing of hardware and software in the computer. It also automatically review the speed and efficiency of your computer programs and repairs the faulty ones.
Virtual network computing (VNC) is also being used in the event of disaster. It helps backup your computer and also restore lost data.

So many multi national and great company makes use of this service because they make great benefits from it. Even the Hackensack (N.J.) University Medical Center uses virtual network computing and they have saved over $1.3Million with the help of the service.

Today's stroll, I would detail you guys about the 3 Best Virtual Network Computing (VNC) Service Providers.

1. Real VNC- This is a great company that is developed by the original inventors of virtual network computing system. They provides one of the best customers support in terms of virtual network computing with loads of programs (different version) to offer. Free versions of program offers are also available and the premium service ranges from $30-$100, while there mobile service solution is just for $10.

5 Best Free VPN Service Providers You Should Know in 2015

VPN service providers gives us access to extend any private network to public networks just as the internet. This service adds extra layer of internet security and privacy protection, which allows anyone to access the internet freely without your sensitive data being compromised. VPN services also helps in terms of unblocking blocked websites and also tunneling. Internet users improves there anonymity on the internet with the help of VPN services via tunneling. VPN service providers also helps internet marketers to check on some restricted websites by providing then with foriegn IP to check some of there internet marketing tools or search engine ranking and other related factors.

Today's stroll, I would brief you guys on the 5 best free VPN service providers you should know in 2015.

1. IPVanish VPN

This is a relatively new VPN service providers that is rated with 5-Stars and have serviced upto 61 countries with great customers review. They also provide realtime privacy protection for your browsers, outstanding speed and 24/7 customer support. The pricing for the service is upto $4.88 per month.

2. HideMyAss

This is a very popular VPN service that provides you with the latest proxy for unblocking sites. The VPN service providers have serviced upto 105 countries with great customers review. It's rating is 4.5-star with 24/7 customer support. The pricing of HideMyAss VPN service providers is quite cheap with a monthly bill of $4.99.

3. ExpressVPN

This is another popular VPN service providers that is 4-star rated with an outstanding customer review. Express VPN has serviced over 78 countries and they render proper privacy protection with 24/7 customer support. There monthly charge goes for $8.32.

The 5 Best PC, Xbox and PS4 Action Games of 2015

Action games are very interesting video game genre which emphasizes physical challenges that includes reaction-time and hand-eye coordination. Action games also include subgenre like, fighting games, platform games and shooters games. Of course I published an article which details the 3 bestfirst-person shooter games in 2015. Those games are also under action games. Below details the 5 best upcoming action games of 2015.

  1. Assassin’s Creed: Victory- Kotaku revealed another version of the Assassins’ creed which is themed ‘Victory’, and its reportedly takes place in Victorian era London in the 19th century. The settings of the game are really great with advancement in sophistication of weaponry and crowd life. Perhaps is said that the game theme ‘Victory’ would be re-titled as ‘Redemption’ in 2015, due to bring Ubisoft would want to knock this one out of the park in other to save face.
Assassin’s Creed: Victory

  1. Battlefield: Hardline- Battlefield is another interesting action game that would reign in 2015. It’s a first-shooter game sub-genre action game and its release date is on the 17th of March 2015. The game is published by Electronic Arts and developed by Visceral Games. The setting of the game is really great and enjoyable, which explains how the player steps into the shoes of Nick Mendoza, a very young detective who is taking a stroll across the country to change his former partners to justice after they became corrupt. The game has both a single player and multi-player mode.
Battlefield: Hardline

  1. Batman: Arkham Knight- This is another upcoming action-adventure video game, which is developed by Rocksteady studio and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, directed by Sefton Hill and written by Sefton Hill, Martin Lancaster and Paul Crocker. The game expected release is on the 2nd of June 2015, and it’s a single-player mode. The gameplay modes are really great with perfect settings. The game is really a toping action-adventure game and I hope you download the game after the release.

  1. Bloodborne- This is a new action game that would soon be available on PS4 platforms by the 25th of March 2015. The game is really an outstanding action game that is developed by ‘From Software’ and published by SCE Japan Studio, SCEA and SCEE. The publisher of the game is by name Hidetaka Miyazaki and the producers are by name, Masaaki Yamagiwa and Jun Yoshino. The game has both the single-player and online multiplayer mode. The settings and gameplay mode of the game is really interesting.

  1. Dying Light- Dying light is an upcoming action video game is developed by Techland, published by Warner Bros. Games, designed by Maciej Binkowski and composed by Pawel Blaszczak. The expected release of the action video game is on the 27th of January 2015. Dying light video game is a survival horror game with perfect settings and nice gameplay. The game play mode consist of both the single player and multi-player mode.

The 3 Best First-Person Shooter (FPS) Games for PC 2015

First person shooter (FPS) games are video game genre which is focused on guns and other weapon projectile based combat that is always concentrated through the first person prospective. These games are sophisticated action games that is enjoyed by game freaks (though most FPS games have age limit).

Previously, I published an article that details the top 5 person shooter games for PC users, today's stroll, I would detail you about the The 3 best upcoming first-person shooter video games for PC, PS4 and Xbox One in 2015.

1. Dying Light

Dying light is an upcoming survival horror video game and also the next zombie-infested game that is developed from techland, published by warner bros. Interactive Entertainment, designed by Maciej Binkowski and it's expected release is on the 27th of January 2015.
This game is a heavy combat game that is focused on survival horro and mostly melee based with melee weapons used in most fights. The gameplay is great and you can make use of over 100 weapons and even more when creating yours. It's game mode is both single-player and multi-player purpose.

The 4 Best Free Tools to Download Picasa Web Album

Picasa is a sort of image viewer or an image organizer which is used for organizing and editing digital phtographs. The Picasa was built by the lifescape Inc and it's owned by Google. This software is compatible to Windows and Mac PC. Today's stroll, I would brief you guys about the 4 Ultimate free tools that can be used to download picasa web album.

There are many picasa downloading tools that helps use download picasa web album without stress. If you wish to get some set of photos from your relative or friend’s album or picasa album, then the tools I would highlight below would do the work for you.

1. Picasa Webalbum Downloader

This is one of my favourite tools that I use to download picasa web album. With this, you can be able to download the entire picasa. This is infact the alternative to picasa 2.0 from google for windows or even the newly released iPhoto from Mac. To use Picasa webalbum downloader, simply grab the rss button for the picasa web album that you wish to download. You would notice the button at the right sidebar of the album, then copy and paste the URL address of the album RSS feed and click Enter. Once this is done, your download would start immediately.

2. Picasa Downloader

Picasa downloader let's you download multiple picasa web album of a user which you've selected, without even installing the picasa software on your device. With just few clicks, the album to be downloaded would be proceeded. It's just simple. Enter the picasa username » hit the list button » then select the albums to download » Hit download. And Gbam, your download would begin instantly.

5 Best Service to Send Big Files for Free

There are many free online service or tools that let's us transfer, send or share large, big or bulky files online. And I would be explaining the 5 best amongst them. Maybe you want to share quite a large number of image series to a family or friend, there are smart ways you can do that. The tools that I would be highlighting below would be of great service to you.

1. Dropbox

Dropbox is a great file hosting service that can be used to share large files for free. It's being operated by dropbox Inc and it supports operating systems such as Microsoft windows, OS X, Blackberry OS, Linux, iOS, Android OS, Symbian OS and MeeGo Harmattan. Dropbox is a free tool that allows user create folder on their device, transfer and share with a 2GB limit storage on free accounts.

2. Filesovermile

Files over miles are another excellent tool or service to send big files for free. This service requires no sign up and the quantity of file sharing is unlimited (totally free). The interface of the tool is quite easy and it uses a P2P network medium of file transfer between you and anyone you wish to share file with via a unique URL. This service is highly recommended for those who wish to send or share big files at no cost.

5 Best Free Android Apps Recommended for Rooted Android Phone & Tablets

Rooted android phones and tablets have great advantages over the unrooted ones. Some major advantages of rooted android phones or tablets over the unrooted ones are;

- Ability to run special applications
- Helps to free up your android memory
- Ability to install custom rom.
The three advantages stated above is a big deal to unrooted android phones or tablets. Today's stroll, I would brief you guys about the 5 Best Free Android Apps Recommended for Rooted Android Phone & Tablets.

Best Free Android Apps Recommended for Rooted Android Phone & Tablets 

1. Greenify

I have always recommended this app for anyone with rooted android phones or tablets. Greenify is one genius app that makes sure your rooted android device performs faster and battery performs more efficiently no matter the hundreds of app already installed on your device. It also helps you detect any faulty app and put them into hibernation when they are not in use, and this function helps to avoid lagging of your device and also reduce consumption of android battery. Another good function of greenify is that it keeps all background app on low key (becomes out of service) except they are being used by the operator. Apart from the above mentioned features, greenify also acquires some other advancements, so I advice you install greenify app on your rooted android phone or tablet.

5 Best Antivirus Software for PC Windows and Mac in 2015

The best 5 Anti-virus software that would be compatible both for Windows PC like the Windows 10, Windows 8.1, windows 8, Windows 7 and other windows PC and also Mac.

About Anti-virus Software
Anti-virus software is very useful programs in the computers that are used to eliminate or repair any form of suspicious attack or malicious attack from our computer. Anti-virus software can also be called anti-malware software.
The Key purpose for the development of Anti-virus software was to repair of remove viruses from our computer, but in recent days, anti-virus software can perform some other technical characters like, protecting us from malicious Browser helper objects, fraud tools, trojan horses, browser hijackers, worms, malicious LSPs, spy ware, phishing, spams, scams and other unauthorized activities.

Today's stroll, I would brief you guys about the 5 Best anti-virus software in 2015, which works on both windows PC and Mac.

1. Avast 2015

Avast are a well known anti-virus and also the first on our list. During the ember period (as of 2014), we made a quick test on Avast antivirus and it brought a great outcome.

Some Basic Features:

The Avast antivirus software provides us with home network security, such as, routers and wireless devices, from hacker attacks.

It also helps us to clean up our browser, by eradicating annoying browser extensions or tool bar and also restoring your hijacked browser searches.

The Avast antivirus software also helps us update our software easily which also helps improve overall security and good condition for our computer.

It also helps in terms of remote assistance.

2. Norton Security 2015

Norton Security software is popular antivirus software that is mostly used by internet users. Whenever it comes to web security, I rank Norton as the best.
Norton Security 2015 provides you with live updates, quick and full scan of your computer, backup function, and other security processes. I strongly advice those who spends over 50% of there time on the internet via there computer should go for Norton, because they would provide you with the best web security service.

5 of the Best Free Christmas Apps For Android

Android Christmas Apps are great fun apps that makes sure we are never kept on boredem. These apps also makes us remember about the birth of Christ Jesus our Lord. Today's stroll, I would Highlight 5 of the best free christmas apps for android.

This is a great android app that is dedicated for christmas festive period. Its a free puzzle game precisely that works fine with very interesting modes. It has an amazing artworks with addicting mini games. In this game, you are to solve as many puzzles as possible, and the more puzzles solved, there is an unlocked door. So what are you waiting for, hurry up and download this lovely app.

These are collection of wallpapers and icons that works on android device with either the compatible Nova Launcher, Go launcher or Apex launcher.

Installation Guide for the themes:
Before installation, make sure that your android launcher is very much compatible with your device.

Go Launcher- To install via Go launcher, simply move to go launcher menu and then select themes.

Nova Launcher- To install via Nova launcher, simply go to settings > Look and feel > then select the icon pack of themes and apply.

10 Best Free Online Proxy Websites to Unblock Blocked Sites

Online proxy websites is like the middle man between the source and the client. These websites acts as an intermediary from the clients requests, which seek for resources from the server. With these websites, you can be able to unblock restricted websites via modifying the proxy of resource. Today's stroll, I would brief you about the top 10 free proxy websites to unblock blocked sites.

Hidemyass is a very popular online proxy website that helps unblock an already blocked website server from a location. This let's you configure so many option like setting the proxy server location and other set-ups. With HideMyAss, you get free proxy servers from UK, USA and Amsterdam.

Zend2 is another known online proxy website that also unblocks blocked websites. This website also acquires some basic features, like Encoding of URL, eradicating scripts and so on.

This is a really great online proxy website and its user interface is cool. With this website, you can access most popular social networks unrestricted.

Boom Proxy is really booming. Lol! This website provides you with unlimited access at no cost and you can easily unblock restricted websites easily with it.

Its name is already detailed. With the proxy free server, you can easily unblock blocked websites at no cost. It also has some other basic features and also user friendly.

5 of the Best Wifi Password Hacker App for Android

There are some android apps those liens to be wifi password hack apps, that is, apps that can be used to break or crack wifi password. This article is for the purpose of those who wish to break Wifi passwords of any other device via android phones or tablets. So I would provide you guys with an almost 100% working android apps that can be used to hack wifi passwords.

5 of the Best Wifi Password Hacker App for Android

1. WiFi Hacker For Free

This is a perfect android app that can easily bypass any Wifi password. With this app, you can be able to break any wifi password using your android phone or tablet. So if you are looking for an android app that breaks wifi passwords, then WiFi hacker for free is the perfect app for you.

2. Wifi Password Breaker

This is another great android app that can be used to break Wifi password. The user interface of the app is great. With this app, you get new password for each of network Wifi you try to bypass.

3. Wifi Hacker Professional

This is another great android app used for wifi password hack. With this professional app, you can easily bypass any device wifi password with no trace. You can even claim to be a hacker with this android app with the use of this app. It's really a great wifi hacker app.

10 Best Ways to Improve the Life of Your Laptop Battery

Today's stroll, I would briefly outline to you on how you can improve the life of your laptop battery. There are some certain factors that do lead to the drainage of our laptop battery and these factors are mostly ignored by the user. You must know be aware that the life of a laptop battery is limited, and in such case, the more the battery of a laptop is being used and the older the battery of the laptop becomes, then the lesser charge the battery would be able to accumulate. That's the more reason you notice that the laptop you purchased 2yrs ago, its battery lasts 6Hrs as of then, but now lasts 2hrs. This situation is caused due to the fact that the battery carriers lesser charge.

Without much say, I would briefly outline the 10 surprising tips that can help boost or improve the life of your laptop battery.

The 3 Best Free Backlink Checker Tools for Website Owners and Bloggers

Every blogger wishes his or her posts to rank well on search engines without considering the facts that backlinks building is one of the greatest factors in search engine optimization for good search ranking.

Backlinks is known as the inbound links, inward links, in links and incoming links to a website or a blog, which also serves as the back bone of that website to enable it rank better on search engines through increasing our domains authority and page authority.

There are some great SEO tools that are known as "backlink checker tools" which helps us check the number of backlinks being generated for our websites or blogs. Today's stroll, I would brief you about the 3 best Free Backlink Checker Tools for Website Owners and Bloggers.

1. OpenLinkProfiler.ORG

Open Link Profile is a great free backlink checker tools that gives an in-depth analysis for the freshest live backlinks. It also provides sophisticated link filtering, link disinfection tools, link alerts and also links update daily. This backlink checker tool is a very remarkable tools and it's recommended for all website or blog owners to make use of.

2. Ahrefs Site Explorer & Backlink Checker is another popular or well known backlink checker tools. It's indeed an incredible backlink checker tools that indexes billions of links every minutes. There database is great. Ahrefs has played critical role to so many internet marketing companies by helping them analyze their back link profile quantity. Though it's a free backlink checker tool, it also has some other premium features which can only be accessed by subscribers.

5 Best Free Software Used to Recover Deleted Files From Hard Drive

It's so painful whenever you got most of your vital documents deleted from your hard drive. In such scenario, it seems as if all hope is lost, but I can boldly say to you that no hope is lost. Maybe you are going through this tutorial because you mistakenly got your files or your friends or client files deleted from the PC and you wish to recover it, kudos to you. You came to the right place.

Today's tutorial, I would brief you guys about the 5 Best Free Software Used to Recover Deleted Files From Hard Drive. With these software I would be highlighting below, you can also use it to recover files ROM other external drives.

Recuva is a great software that can be used to recover deleted files from your Hard drive. With Recuva, all accidentally deleted files and images would be recovered.

Even files deleted from the recycle bin itself is being recovered. And its free. The software really helps and it has really saved me from so many mess in the past, so I encourage you to download the software and utilize it.

Pandora Recovery
This is another free file recovery software that I have also tested and it's done a great job. With the Pandora Recovery software, you can easily recovery deleted files from your memory cards, Hard drive and any other external drives.
The Pandora Recovery Software has lots of advanced features, like:

- Browse, search, preview and then recover deleted files
- Recover Archived, Hidden Encrypted and compressed files
- Recovers Alternate Data streams
- Recover Image Documents, Movies or any other type of files
- Recovers Success Estimate
- Reviews file properties and Drive properties
- Recovers Local Hard drive, Network drive and Flash drive
- Recognizes FAT16, FAT32, NTFS,
NTFS5 and NTFS/EFS. And many more features.
So with all these features listed above, you should be driven to download the Pandora recovery software. It is also one of the best free recovery software.