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How to Adjust or Control Sonos Speaker on Apple Watch

The Apple watch has numerous features, and one of the biggest feature I do embrace is, being able to control sonos speaker with Apple watch. However, I won't be needing an iPhone to perform such operation.

Unfortunately, sonos playbar doesn't comes with an Apple watch application, and mot iOS users do play music from sonos playbar at home.

In this guide, I would brief you guys on how to control sonos speaker using Apple's watch.

How to Restore iPhone, iPad and iOS Devices from iCloud Backup

iCloud is the best resource for backup on iOS devices. It's one of the fastest way to backup your photo library, apps data, documents and other useful data on your device. The iCloud gives you 5GB free storage for backup after sign up, so I highly recommend their service to every iOS users. One great advantage of iCloud backup is that it automatically creates a backup folder on your iOS devices once you are connected to the internet.

Previously, I published an article on how to transfer or migrate dropbox files to iCloud drive, today's stroll, I would brief you guys on how to restore iPhone, iPad or any other iOS device from iCloud backup.

How to Restore iPhone, iPad and iOS Devices from iCloud Backup

 If you have already created a backup from iCloud to your iPhone, iPad and other iOS devices, and you wish to restore your back up files, then follow these brief procedures below;

First off- From your iPhone or iPad, go to Settings option and tap on General button.

How to Setup and Use iCloud Tabs on iPhone or iPad

iCloud tab is an impressive features for Mac, iOS or Safari users which let's you open and view any website that is opened from your other devices using iCloud. However, viewing those websites from another device limits the feature to work on just safari internet browsers.

Previously, I published an article, which details the top web browsers for iOS devices. It's quite a great article recommended to all iOS users. Today's stroll, I would brief you guys on how to setup and use iCloud tab on iPhone or iPad.

How to Setup and Use iCloud Tabs on iPhone or iPad

First off- Ensure that the iOS devices you are using to perform the operation is signed in with same iCloud account.

After that, with both devices, launch the safari browser and go to any website of your choice, maybe mine ( Lol!

How to Transfer Dropbox files to iCloud Drive on Mac OS X Yosemite

The iCloud drive is a very great improvement that is very much compatible for Apple users. This drive works perfectly on iOS 8 and above and also runs easily on Mac OS X Yosemite. Most of you might want to move to the iCloud drive service because it is the perfect cloud service for iOS and Mac OS users unlike the dropbox, google drive and other related service.

Previously, I published an article which details the 5 best platform to send big files, and I mentioned dropbox as one of the best platform, today's stroll, I would brief you guys on how to migrate/transfer dropbox files to iCloud drive on iOS and Mac OS X Yosemite.

How to Transfer Drop-box files to iCloud Drive on Mac OS X Yosemite

1. Firstly, open Finder Window on your Mac and click on iCloud.

2. Then, you are to create any folder on the iCloud drive, where you would transfer the files, most times, they are already created folders, so just move to the next step.

3. Once you have proceeded the above steps, then open another Finder Window on your Mac and then click on Dropbox files.

4. After that, you are to transfer all files from the dropbox to the iCloud drive's folder and the transfer would be completed.

How to Boost the Sound Quality and Volume on Mac

The Mac computers is known to be the best computers. Most of you that makes use of Mac computers might not be satisfied with the default audio level of the computer or the sound quality of the computer whenever you are watching movies online or off-line or streaming other videos or audio from your Mac.

The reason for this article is to guide you on how you can easily boost the volume and sound quality on Mac.

How to Boost the Sound Quality and Volume on Mac

 To boost or improve the sound quality and volume on Mac, simply follow the below steps;

» Mac running on OS X Yosemite or any later version
» Boom 2 ( you can get 14 days free trial or simply make a all time purchase for just $14.99)

Once you have acquired the above requirements, then you can proceed to the below instructions;

1. Make a purchase of Boom 2 via here. Then download it and click on the downloaded file of Boom 2 to mount it.

2. After that, you would notice a separate window of boom 2 icon and application folder. Just drag the boom 2 icon to the application folder.

The Best Web Browsers for iPad and iPhone

I know you all love how far desktop browsers have come in terms of flexibility and functionality they offer to users. One can save articles to read later, take a screenshot of the active page and share links via email. I know you will all agree with me that when browsing pages using your iPhone you would want as much of the same experience as when using chrome on your personal computer. Before coming up with this article I have highlighted some of the very key features that are important to have on a mobile phone with a small screen for browsing and they include:

·         Sharing and saving options for pages and links
·         Download management
·         Reader mode to reduce clutter and display only article content for easy reading
·         Private mode
·         Change user agent between desktop and mobile versions of sites
·         Gestures for various browsers functions like forward/backward

If well executed, these features can make browsing on your iPhone a delight. I have looked for browsers that offer an expensive feature set so as to accommodate as many kinds of users as possible. So let me take you through some of the very best browsers for iPhone with features that will make your browsing experience easier and more enjoyable.


It is the default browser in iOS and is available for use as soon as you turn on your iPhone for the first time. It does a good job handling bare necessities which include: multi-tab, private browsing, clutter-free reader mode and pop-up blocking. It is perhaps the fastest browser you will be able to run without jail breaking it because it runs the Nitro JavaScript engine that is not available system-wide and should be fixed in iOS 8. 

Safari also has a couple of nice features that am sure you will enjoy to use: syncing bookmarks from desktop browsers like safari and Google chrome via iCloud.It also has a reading list which saves pages to read offline later and is accessible via the bookmarks menu. It is important to note that safari does not support plug-ins and is not great with sharing links and other contents with other apps or your contacts. Nonetheless it is a free browser that is fine to use if you only browse occasionally and open links from social networks and other apps.Browsing via this browser you can download free moviesto iphone.


Mercury is another free browser which has a great set of features. It packs these features into a sleek interface that lets you extend its functionality based on your usage habits. In addition to basic features like reader mode and a reading list as in safari, mercury has other features which include incognito browsing and password auto fills. Mercury lets you choose from a range of extensions which includes: a file downloader, saving to pocket and instapaper, LastPaper password syncing, screenshot tool, search in page, QR scanning and translation-all within an easily accessible menu on the toolbar. Mercury also lets you share pages via Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, email and more. It also lets you save these pages to EvernoteDropbox. Another feature is that when using mercury you can extend sync bookmarks easily. Mercury is a competent browser that is easy and simple to use and allows for easy sharing.

4 Brief Steps to Fix 'Can't Connect to App Store' Error on iPhone or iPad

The Error that notifies, 'Can't Connect to App Store' is a common error amongst iPhones and iPads. You don't have to bother yourself so much whenever you come across such problem. Today's stroll, I would brief you on the 4 steps on how to fix 'Can't Connect to App store Error' on your iPhone or iPad.

How to fix 'Can't Connect to APP Store Error on iPad or iPhone

Step 1- Go to Settings from your iPhone or iPad and tap on iTunes and App store.

Step 2- After you have tap on iTunes and App store, then tap on your Apple ID and you would receive a pop up menu , then select Sign Out from the pop up menu.

Step 3- Once you have successfully Signed Out, then re-login by inputting your password in Apple ID.

Step 4- Once you have successfully Logged in, then Connect your App Store.

Congrats, Your App Store Error Notification is now fixed.

Last Words

Hope you found this brief tips helpful. Your iPhone and iPad App Store Error should be fixed with the above procedure. If you encounter any other related App store Error on your iPad or iPhone, please do let us know.