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Is your java mobile device giving you problem? Fix it here

Is your java mobile device giving you problem? Fix it here

Most of us are still experincing some major problems on there java mobile. Well you are in the right track to get all that fixed.
Some don't even know how to set a given tweak, best data plan to use, or even any other related issues.

Simply drop all your problems in the comment box and you would get a feedback soon, Please don't be offended if you are not replied immediately because am a busy person.

Note:- This thread is strictly for java users....

How to unlock/Reset your nokia lost security code

Disclamier:- Please do not use this tutorial as an advantage in hijacking other peoples nokia device.

This thread is a very familiar thread to so many mobile engineers.
Most of you guys spends over $10 to get your nokia mobile unlocked whenever you lost your security code.

i. Nokia PC Suite

ii. Nemesis Service Suite

iii. Phone data cable

Must Read:-All nokia secret codes you need to know

1. First the latest version of Install Nokia PC Suite

2. Then install Nemesis Service Suite (NSS)

3. Now connect your mobile phone to your computer
with the data cable. If the phone prompts, choose
default mode or PC Suite mode but do not open pc
suite yet.

4. Next, start Nemesis Service suite (NSS)

5. Select scan for new devices button (on top right
corner of NSS)

6. Click on Phone Info button.

7. Now click the Scan button.

8. Under Power Mode, select Local and then click
Change. At this point, your Nokia phone should restart,
and you should see the text Local mode across your
phone screen.

9. Under Production Data Edit, click Read button. The
textboxes should now contain values.

10. Check the Enable check box beside Product Code

11. Click Write button.

12. Select Tools button on top

13. Click Factory Settings tab 13. Tick Full Factory button and click Reset button.

14. Final step, go back to Phone Info and click Normal
then Change.
Now your security code should be 12345.

nokia unlock-logo

1. Connect your phone in PC Suite mode

2. Open Nemesis Service suite (NSS)

3. Then click on scan for new devices button (top right
hand side)

4. Click on phone info button.

5. Now Click on Scan.

6. Select Permanent Memory.

7. Click on Read.

8. It will read the permanent memory file and save it
on the disk at following path.
C:\Program Files\NSS\Backup\pm\.pm

9. Open the .pm file using Notepad.

10. Now scroll until field [308], and on the 5th Record
(5=) your security code is saved at there.

11. Like 5=31313131310000000000

12. Remove all “3” digit and it will be

13. 11111 is your security code.

Alternatively, you can read the PM file with Nokia BB5
PM Security Code.

Download Nokia Pc suite Here

Download Nemesis Here

Download Nokia BB5 PM Security Code Here

If you have any related issue then let us know...
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Hack your java mobile to start minimizing applications

Hack your java mobile to start minimizing applications

Have you ever taught about hacking your Java mobile?

Do you know that hacking your java mobile makes it perform the minimizing function.
On our last forum disscussion, we disscussed about all nokia version codes you need to know, and with that topic you don't need any guru or engineer to repair or flash your mobile.

Hacking your java mobile you would require a cable and Pc.
This procedure is tested and comfirmed on Nokia X2 and C3.
Follow this below procedure strictly:-

Download and install JAF Software then download and install nokia ovi or pc suite.

Restart your phone, connect it to your pc via data cable. Select ovi suite.
Now download and install OGM JAF pkey emulator, extract and then run it An error will popup written " BOX DRIVER NOT INSTALLED" click ok Now follow the screenshot..
First click on the BB5 category then then ckeck on the ticked boxes after ticking them as shown in the screenshot click on "service" button.
Few seconds later a save prompt will appear.
save it on your desktop for easy access.
Now open that pp file in notepad.
It will look something like this [Product Profile RM-614_357902041714805] SETS 1 ELEMENTS 2 SET 1 0 31 1 0 Right after SET 1 write 48 2 like this.
[Product Profile RM-614_357902041714805] SETS 1 ELEMENTS 2 SET 1 48 2 0 31 1 0 Save that pp file by CTRL+S.
Come back to main JAF window and follow the above screenshot.
This time click on tick on upload pp. After few seconds the file upload prompt will appear.
click on the pp file that You saved a few moments before.

Congrats... Your java is finally hacked!!!
All Nokia code Version you need to Know

All Nokia code Version you need to Know

Do you know many guys claims to be gurus because of mastering these nokia codes..
Read carefully and become a very good one.

Nokia Codes *#0000#
- SW version Nokia Codes :
- Check IMEI Nokia Codes:*#war0anty#
SIMLOCK info Nokia Codes : *3370#
- Enhanced Full Rate
ON Nokia Codes : #3370#
- Enhanced FullRate OFF
Nokia Codes :*4720#
- Alternative sound quality codec
ON Nokia Codes:#4720#

- Alternative sound quality codec OFF Nokia Codes:*#7780#
- Default factory
settings (Hard Reset) Nokia Codes : *#7760#
Production serial number Nokia Codes:*#2820#
Bluetooth info NokiaCodes : *#73#
- Reset phone
timers and game scores.Nokia Codes :
- Delete all the content of the wallet and the wallet code. Nokia Codes : *#7370#
- Soft
Reset/Format - erases all telephone memory. Nokia
Codes : [Green]*3
- Hard Reset/Format - if only the
telephone memory is formatted, puts back the
attitudes and Nokia Codes :*#delset#
settings removal Sock info: *# 9 2 7 0 2 6 8 9# Provider lock status:# p w + 1 2 3 4 5 67 8 9 0 + 1
Network lock status: # p w + 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 + 2
Provider lock status: # p w + 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 + 3
SimCard lock status:# p w + 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 + 4
- Master Code which is generated from
IMEI NOKIA E65 Secret Codes *#06# To check the IMEI. *#0000# To check the firmware version
anddate.*#92702689#*#war0anty# To check the IMEI.
The date when it was purchased, and thedate when it
was repaired.*4720# (*hra0#)

To activates the Half
Rate. #4720# (#hra0#) To deactivates Half Rate.
*3370# (*efr0#) To activates Enhanced Full Rate.#3370# (#efr0#) To deactivatesEnhanced Full
746085685# (*#sim0clock#)To check the SIM clock
status.*#7220# (*#pca0#) To activate the GPRSand
Packet Common Control Channel(PCCCH)
supports.*#7230# (*#pcd0#)
To deactivate the GPRS and Packetcommon control channel
How To modify or edit 2go app or any other related app to your own taste

How To modify or edit 2go app or any other related app to your own taste

How to modify 2go and other related java app.

This tutorial is old but i decided to re-post it here for some novice to grab.

Modding of 2go and some other related apps is what most gurus uses to shine and also wapmasters uses to get traffic on there site, others is because of popularity.

Without wasting much time on this disscussion here are the requirements you need durning Modding of app.

1. BlueFtp
2. Class Translator
3. Moby explorer.

I advice you to make use of a java phone while modding, because i am going to be explaing based on that.

If you don't have any of these apps listed above then google them and download.

Step 1:- Get a 2go.jar app, maybe from or google it.
Then get it downloaded on your java mobile with the use of Ucweb browser.. Make sure you save it when downloading, do not install.
The app would be like this after downloaded, 2go_jar.

Step 2:- Move to your blueftp and open the saved app, then rename to Then open, It'll bring somethings like META-INF, a.class, browser.class, f.class etc.

NOTE: If these things i.e META-INF etc, does not display, your zip file is not good, Re-download another


After it might have brought those things, Click on Menu, then click on select all, then press 1 to copy.

Click on Menu again, scroll down to create new folder, name the folder anything you want, then click Ok.

Open that folder and press 3 to copy what you've extracted...... Continue pressing Yes until you see,"compression successful".

Now Exit your BlueFtp, Open your Class Translator, Locate the folder that you extracted those items, open it and it will bring those META-INF, a.class, browser.class etc, Click on each of those things and start editing it.

Ensure that you are saving each of those things after editing each of them.


And you might have finished editing each of them, close your Class translator and Open your Moby Explorer.
Locate the folder again and open it.

The first option that it'l bring is META-INF.
Click on it and Click on MANIFEST-INF

META-INF is mainly meant for renaming the actual name of applications and used for some other things like changing of handler cheat code, changing of loading, processing and connecting bar etc mostly when editing Opera.

Open MANIFEST-INF, You'l see something like MIDLET-NAME, in front of it, you'll see the name of the 2go application, change it to your desired name.
Scroll down and start Editing some others things.

Press Back and scroll down to v.class, Edit what you want also and press"SAVE"after each editing.


Close your class Translator, and open your blueftp again, locate the folder.
Open the folder, you'll see i.png or icon.png, delete it, take any pixs of yours, rename it to i.png or icon.png as it is written in the extracted file, copy it, open that folder again and paste it there.

After this, Click on Menu and click on select all.
Click on Compress to .jar, rename it and start pressing Yes until you see,

Compression successful..... ....

Exit your Blueftp and open the folder again, then you'll see the edited application!!!


If you have any problem just post it below the comment box!!!
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