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Why Host28 Is Recommended As the Best Web Hosting Provider?

Host28 is a web hosting company that has been in the in the industry for more than 10 years. Up to now, this company is highly recommended as one of the best web hosting providers. However, many people who know little about this web host are wondering why it is so popular and reputed. Therefore, we have reviewed its web hosting service from price, features, usability, uptime, speed and support. Besides, we have read a great pile of feedbacks written by its customers.

Based on our in-dept review and real customers' voice, we have developed this Host28 review to help people know more about it and figure out whether it is worth such a high reputation. Now, go on to know details.

Host28 Hosting Prices & Basic Features
This company has launched 3 shared Linux web hosting packages named as Basic, Advance and Business, which are starting from $7.99/mo, $9.99/mo and $16.99/mo. However, people who make a subscription through this promotional link are able to get a huge discount and cut the prices down to $1.99/mo, $3.99/mo and $9.99/mo. No matter which plan webmasters choose from this company, they are allowed to pay via both credit cards and PayPal. Also, they are guaranteed with 30 days money back.

All the 3 solutions released by this company are developer-friendly, coming with PHP5.2/5.3/5.4/5.5, MySQL5.5, Perl5.10, Ruby on Rails, Python3.2 and PostgreSQL. Therefore, all of them are 100% compatible with most PHP-based applications, ensuring webmasters will not meet any compatible issue. In addition, each package comes with instant setup, free and auto backup, and free CloudFlare CDN service.

Solution To Effortlessly Repair Corrupt MS SQL Database

Author Bio: SQL Database Recovery is a commendable solution designed to recover both primary and secondary database files of MS SQL database. The organization has rendered its efforts in the vast fields of data recovery and migration.

Summary:The article gives a description of SQL server database. The solution which can be implemented to recover the corrupted SQL database has also been discussed.

Microsoft® SQL Server™is the first choice of programmers and a large number of end users. It is comprised of analysis services, database engine, integration services and reporting services. It can be designated as the best application for Windows as it comes at a very flexible cost and tight integration with Windows.

How to Pick Up the Real Quality Web Hosting for Joomla

Joomla can be regarded as one of the most widely used content management systems on the web, downloaded by millions of webmasters for setting up different kinds of websites featuring different sizes. Due to this circumstance, almost all the web hosts claim that they offer the 100% compatible Joomla hosting service, coming with great quality at an affordable price. Is it true? Of course not.

In the following, we’d like to tell you how to pick up the real quality Joomla hosting by checking some necessary requirements. Note that never believe the promises of your web hosts, but review their services carefully to figure out whether they can meet their words.

Joomla Compatibility

This is the first thing you need to take into account. If your selected web host fails to fulfill the 100% Joomla compatibility, your may face lots of running issues of your site.

According to the official site of, the minimum requirements of Joomla software are PHP with the version higher than 5.3, MySQL with the version higher than 5.1 and Apache with the version higher than 2.x. Note that these requirements are better for Joomla 3. If you use some lower versions, the requirements can be downgraded.

Hosting Price

After making sure that your hosting package is absolutely Joomla compatible, you should pay attention to the prices. Generally, the web hosting charge is around $10/mo. Thus, if your web host charges you more than $15 each month, you’d better not to choose it. After all, you can even purchase a VPS hosting with this level of charge.

On the contrary, we do not recommend you to choose some extremely cheap or even free solutions, for these hosting packages are generally full of scams and frauds. Personally thinking, from $4/mo to $7/mo can be viewed as a moderate price range for Joomla hosting.

Host4ASP.NET Review - the Best ASP.NET Hosting Review

Host4ASP.NET, one of the Microsoft recognized golden web hosting providers, has attracted many site owners and gained numerous positive customer reviews for its reliability and affordability. It has also been rewarded as the best ASP.NET hosting by many main review sites because of its profession on ASP.NET hosting.

However, there are still some people feeling uncertain about Host4ASP.NET. To help them know more about this company and figure out whether it is a good provider, we worked out this review from several aspects like pricing, features, performance and technical support. Now, go straight to the details.

 Plan & Pricing

Host4ASP.NET released 3 ASP.NET hosting plans in the name of Basic, Advance, and Business. Aimed at different types and levels of users, these 3 plans come with different features and prices. Basic plan is a good choice for personal website owners with a low price at $2.95/mo.  As the middle one, Advance plan is suitable for users who own moderate-traffic websites and billed at $3.95/mo. Coming with the most powerful features, Business plan costs customers only $9.95/mo.

Besides the affordable pricing, Host4ASP.NET offers 30-day money back guarantee and accepts both credit cards and PayPal. Therefore, no matter customers paid for hosting packages via which way, they are able to ask for a termination immediately and get their money back if they are not satisfied with the services within the first 30 days.

The 5 Best Cheap Domain Name Registration Hosting

Getting a custom domain name for your blog, website or forum is really a great step forward. Any webmaster or blogger that needs a brand for her blog or website is always advised to purchase custom domains. There is lots of cheap domain registration hosting and you can purchase a domain name as cheap as $2. Today's stroll, I would detail you guys about the five best cheap domain registration hosting. Before going through this article, I would advise you to take a stroll through this guest post by Larry Frank, which details the considerable for choosing a right domain name. He explained the factors and some other facts you need to consider, when selecting a domain name.

Five Best Cheap Domain Registration Hosting

1. Godaddy- Godaddy is one of the biggest domain registrations hosting that offers domain names at a very affordable price. You can even get a $2 domain name on godaddy. They also have classic domains like .com, .net, .org and some others, and over 57 million domains (still counting) is managed on their server. Godaddy which offers cheap domain registration hosting have been on since 1999 till date with ICANN license.

2. Namecheap- Namecheap is another cheap domain registration hosting that offers very affordable domain names. They are known for offering cheap and fast service with an encouraging 24/7 customers support. Namecheap domain registration hosting has been on since 2001 till date, and it's also ICANN approved.

10 Best Web Hosting Reviews of 2014

Web hosting services is an Internet hosting service which enables individuals and organization to make there website available or accessible via WWW (World Wide Web). There are some basic factors that you can use to consider a good web hosting service and a very reliable one. Of course, the key purpose of web hosting service is to provide space on a server for a client.

Factors to consider when choosing a Good Web Hosting service.

There are some basic factors you should consider when choosing a good and reliable web hosting service, and is the determination of these factors that a proper web hosting review is being carried out.

1. First off- You have to consider the cost of the web host service. Of course, you should be aware that there is more draw-back on a hosting that costs $2 per month than the one that costs $12 per month. Well, except that it's a Giveaway plan for the cheaper host, but that doesn't hinders you from selecting a cheaper host. But also try to know the reliability of that host with cheaper plans.

2. Another factor to be considered when selecting a good hosting service is the kind of technical supports that is being offered. Make sure that the hosting service is very reliable in such a way that they have a 24 hrs customer support, either by telephone contact or email contact.

3. Another great factor you should consider when determining a good hosting service is server speed they over. There are most hosting service that have poor server and causes the downtimes of website, so I advice you also consider this factor.

4. Another good factor of a reliable hosting service is the availability of affiliate programs. Of course, affiliate programs encourages a client to keep engaged on her host. A hosting running affiliate business also creates room for a client to make money with it. All reliable host acquires this factor.

Other features includes the amount of space, both for database and disk being offered, and many more features.

Today's stroll, I would run a brief review on the 10 Best web Hosting service of 2014.

NB: The amount of the web Hosting service mentioned in this review is the minimum cost and it's the present state of cost as of the time of this post.

1. Godaddy: Godaddy is a very reliable hosting service that based on domain registration and also very reliable for web building services. They offer great hosting service with anytime money back. They also over unlimited space and 100GB bandwidth, with 24 hours technical support. Hosting plan costs $1.99 per month (as of the date of this post).

2. iPage: This is another reliable hosting service that also accepts anytime money back. It's based more on web building service and they also offer domain registration service. On iPage, you can get unlimited bandwidth and space with a 24 hours technical support. They also offer advertising credits worth $500 and hosting service costs $1.99 on monthly basis.

3. is an impressive web hosting service with unique features. With hosting service, you get a 30days money back and 300GB space with unlimited bandwidth. It's technical support is quite reliable with a 24 hours customer support service. The cost of this web hosting service goes for $0.50 on monthly basis.