10 Best Web Hosting Reviews of 2014

Web hosting services is an Internet hosting service which enables individuals and organization to make there website available or accessible via WWW (World Wide Web). There are some basic factors that you can use to consider a good web hosting service and a very reliable one. Of course, the key purpose of web hosting service is to provide space on a server for a client.

Factors to consider when choosing a Good Web Hosting service.

There are some basic factors you should consider when choosing a good and reliable web hosting service, and is the determination of these factors that a proper web hosting review is being carried out.

1. First off- You have to consider the cost of the web host service. Of course, you should be aware that there is more draw-back on a hosting that costs $2 per month than the one that costs $12 per month. Well, except that it's a Giveaway plan for the cheaper host, but that doesn't hinders you from selecting a cheaper host. But also try to know the reliability of that host with cheaper plans.

2. Another factor to be considered when selecting a good hosting service is the kind of technical supports that is being offered. Make sure that the hosting service is very reliable in such a way that they have a 24 hrs customer support, either by telephone contact or email contact.

3. Another great factor you should consider when determining a good hosting service is server speed they over. There are most hosting service that have poor server and causes the downtimes of website, so I advice you also consider this factor.

4. Another good factor of a reliable hosting service is the availability of affiliate programs. Of course, affiliate programs encourages a client to keep engaged on her host. A hosting running affiliate business also creates room for a client to make money with it. All reliable host acquires this factor.

Other features includes the amount of space, both for database and disk being offered, and many more features.

Today's stroll, I would run a brief review on the 10 Best web Hosting service of 2014.

NB: The amount of the web Hosting service mentioned in this review is the minimum cost and it's the present state of cost as of the time of this post.

1. Godaddy: Godaddy is a very reliable hosting service that based on domain registration and also very reliable for web building services. They offer great hosting service with anytime money back. They also over unlimited space and 100GB bandwidth, with 24 hours technical support. Hosting plan costs $1.99 per month (as of the date of this post).

2. iPage: This is another reliable hosting service that also accepts anytime money back. It's based more on web building service and they also offer domain registration service. On iPage, you can get unlimited bandwidth and space with a 24 hours technical support. They also offer advertising credits worth $500 and hosting service costs $1.99 on monthly basis.

3. Web.com: Web.com is an impressive web hosting service with unique features. With web.com hosting service, you get a 30days money back and 300GB space with unlimited bandwidth. It's technical support is quite reliable with a 24 hours customer support service. The cost of this web hosting service goes for $0.50 on monthly basis.

4. Bluehost: Bluehost web hosting service is another potential web hosting service with lot of engagements. With bluehost, you get a high quality functionality in there cpanel and a 24 hours perfect customer support service. The cost of bluehost goes for $3.95 per month with a anytime money back service and they also offers unlimited space and bandwidth and advertising credit worth $200.

5. JustHost.com: JustHost is known to ease the process of getting a web host for your domain. It's a very reliable web hosting service that also offers an unlimited space and bandwidth with a 24 hours technical support and also allows anytime money back. The web hosting service minimum cost goes for $2.25 on monthly basis and they also offer an advertising credit worth $200.

6. Fatcow: This is a very great web hosting service that allows a 30days money back, with a 24 hours customer's support. The web hosting service also offers an unlimited bandwidth and space and it's cost goes for $3.15 per month. Advertising credit worth $200 is also available.

7. HostGator: Hostgator is known to be a very popular web hosting service which offers high-level features that is suitable for most business clients and also individual clients that needs professional service. With Hosgator, you get a 45 days money back. They offer unlimited space and bandwidth with 24 hours customers support and also advertising credits worth $100. Hostgator web hosting service costs minimum of $3.95 per month.

8. Arrivx: This is another booming web hosting service that have been on since 2003. It's service allows a 60 days money back and it's reliable with 99% uptime with a 24 hours customer support. Arrivx web hosting service also offers unlimited space, email accounts and data transfer. More great features about arrivx web host is that, they offer free domain. There web hosting service costs a minimum of $4 per month.

9. Hub: Webhostinghub.com is a real hub for web hosting service. With this web hosting service, you get a 90 days money back. They offer an unlimited space and bandwidth with a 24 hours technical support and advertising credit of $200. This web hosting service goes as low as $1.99 per month.

10. Register.com: The last but never the least, Register.com web hosting service. This web hosting service offers both domain registration and web builder as well as hosting. Another extra features about this hosting service is that you can pay to get a site built for you. You can get a 30 days money back with this web hosting service. And they offer 300GB space with unlimited bandwidth. 24 hours customers supported and the web hosting service goes as low as $0.99 per month.

Are you a web master or planning to become one? Why don't you grab one of the web hosting service being offered just as mentioned above. If you have already engaged yourself with another web hosting service rather than the ones mentioned above, you can simply make a swap. I assure you that with the present state of the web hosting service mentioned above, you won't experience any form of downtime.

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10 Best Web Hosting Reviews of 2014
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