How to Completely Block a Number on Any Android

Block unwanted calls or number on any android with just an easy setup.

Maybe you seemed to be disturbed by nuisance calls, and you find it difficult to avoid such unwanted calls, then you're in to learn how to do that.

In this guide, I would brief you on how to completely block a number on any android, in other to avoid unwanted calls.

How to Completely Block a Number on Any Android

1. Firstly, from the app drawer of your android phone, tap on the Phone icon, you can also perform similar action from the main screen of your device, depending on its interface.

2. After that, you would see your call logs, then tap on the entry of the number (more like marking the number) you want to avoid calls from.

3. Once you've marked the number, then at the top corner of your android device, tap on menu, or equally click on menu button.

4. Now, select add to reject list.

That's it, the number would be added, and all calls coming from that number is completely avoided.

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Just in case the above procedure didn't correspond to the interface of your android device, then I advise you to make use of this android app codenamed, Calls blacklist- call blocker.

Simply download the app from here. You can also get the app via your Google playstore app.

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How to Completely Block a Number on Any Android
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