How to verify if your techno phone is geninue

Getting to know about techno products, they the first dual SIM mobile phone brand to hit the Africa Market and they are doing great in
Nigerian Smartphone
Market. Though some others especially the Nigeria's might dislike there product due to its a china product, speaking wrong about china products.

Well Techno android is a very nice brand with one of the best android root, but its being brought to notice that the fake brand is now all over the market.

I was so much disappointed when a friend of mine bought one of there fake product which had issuses on fixing the BBM app on it.


To cut the story short, am going to introduce to you how verify if your techno phone is geniune.

Follow these simple steps:-
2. Enter your IMEI code
and VC code in the relevant field and submit.

3. You will get a response informing you if the phone is GENUINE or NOT.

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This same procedure above can be applied when checking if your techno battery is original or fake.

Now you are free to move to any market and get a techno phone with battery and also verify if what you are about to buy is geninue.

Hope this helps!!!
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How to verify if your techno phone is geninue
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