How to receive android notifications on your computer

Digital life is getting better on daily basis. Have you ever taught of getting your android alerts on your personal computer? Well i want to brief you on how to make that happen.

If you’ve been looking for a way to streamline your digital life, Desktop notification might just be the utility app you’ve been looking for. Working together with the Chrome web browser, Desktop notification can push real time notifications from your Android device, onto your computer.
It can also be applicable to Mozilla web browser
The Chrome and Mozilla browser serves as extension, so download one of them.

How can i manipulate all this functions?
To get started, Firstly, you need to open the installed app on your phone and follow a few steps. In 'Open Notification Settings' we need to enable Desktop Notifications (available from Android 4.3) then go back to the main app by pressing 'Back'. In the app we are shown various URLs and codes. There's no need to write these down as you have the option to just email them to yourself and do some copy and pasting later.

desktop notification-logo

After installing the relevant extension in your browser you have to open it (we used Chrome), and click the 'Desktop Notifications' icon (above right). A window appears requesting the code. This is the same code you saw in the app and that you should have emailed to yourself. So just go to the email, copy the code and paste it into the code window. Then hit 'Apply'.

Thats it and all your android notification is being displayed on your PC. I would also advice you to scan through this tutorial on how to make use of the new remote option on your android device.

Download Desktop manager Here or you can get it from your playstore.

Well desktop manager is a very good app which is four star rated that helps to manipulate all these functions:-

-Send smartphone notifications to your PC

-Simple delivery of service

-Personal data will be protected.

Note:- Not all notification content is transmitted.

Well i would love to end here. Hope this article helps.
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How to receive android notifications on your computer
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